Swami Hubbard And His Ritualistic Training

"I can give you the datum of Freudian analysis. I'm a very good swami. I can read minds so as to tear your skull off. Good at it."

- Transcript of the lecture "The Laws of Case Supervision", by L. Ron Hubbard


"I went right down in the middle of Hollywood, I rented an office, got ahold of a nurse, wrapped a towel around my head and became a swami. And I said - oddly enough, I gave nobody my name, I didn't say what I was doing, and by 1947, I had achieved clearing."

- Transcript of the lecture "The Story of Dianetics and Scientology", by L. Ron Hubbard

Is this the way that Swami Hubbard did his research. Pretending to be someone other than who he really was just so that he could "achieve" clearing?

Will "research" under false pretenses still provide valid "scientific" data, or was this just a joke played upon the general public by "swami" Hubbard?

Being steeped in the ways of hypnotism and mysticism, Swami Hubbard may have sought to prove much more then "clearing". As history demonstrates, he was quite successful.


Maybe Swami Hubbard was much more than what he appeared to be. Read the following and notice how Swami Hubbard stumbles and comm lags. What does that tell you?

"Now he could simply say I have action. A magician, uh.. the magic cults of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th centuries in the Middle East were fascinating. The only modern work that has anything to do with them is a trifle wild in spots, but it’s fascinating work in itself, and that’s work written by Allister Crowley, the late Allister Crowley, my very good friend. And uh.. he.. he did himself a splendid uh.. piece of aesthetics built around those magic cults. Uh.. it’s very interesting reading to get ahold of a copy of a book, quite rare, but it can be obtained, THE MASTER THERION, T-h-e-r-i-o-n, THE MASTER THERION by Allister Crowley. He signs himself The Beast, the mark of the beast six sixty-six. Very, very something or other, but anyway the.. Crowley exhumed a lot of the data from these old magic cults.

And uh.. he.. he, as a matter of fact, handles cause and effect quite a bit. Cause and effect is.. is handled according to a ritual. And it’s interesting that whenever you have any of these things you can always assign a ritual to it and that ritual is what you do in order to accomplish this. Or how you have to go through and how many motions you have to make to come into the ownership of that. And that's a ritual."

- Transcript of the lecture "Conditions of Space, Time, Energy", by L. Ron Hubbard, 1952

Cause and effect as determined by Swami Hubbard, can be handled by rituals.

The ritualistic training provided by Swami Hubbard's Church of Scientology, Inc., will allow the cult member to handle the experience of cause and effect. Very interesting.

As a "very good friend", Crowley must have known about, and participated in, Swami Hubbard's clearing adventure. What else are good friends for?

Scientologists should take note of Swami Hubbard's recommendation to read Crowley's book, "The Master Therion". If Crowley was a very good friend of Swami Hubbard, then their basic philosophy must have been very similar. Now THAT would prove to be very interesting!


To honor the late great Swami, the suggestion has been made that it become mandatory for all Scientologists to wear turbans and practice "clearing" on the streets of Hollywood. Following in the footsteps of the Great One, hypnotism and mysticism are to be expertly studied as well.

Maybe that's why Swami Hubbard created "Study Technology" in the first place.

To know the tech is to know the Swami. To know the Swami is to be able to read minds, be immune to disease and to become "powerful".

The failure of the cult's ritualistic training of some members to take "ownership" of Swami Hubbard's "cause and effect" idea has taken on the form of the deprivation of some member's life and liberty.

Sacrificing humans in the cult's ritualistic training of "cause and effect" has come to pass.

Now you know why the Church of Scientology, Inc. is called a cult. It's beginnings are steeped in hypnotism, mysticism and it's leader was a turbaned swami "achieving" clearing on the streets of Hollywood in 1947.

Wake up and smell the incense. The dream you are living is nothing but a hypnotic nightmare. Sooner or later, you are going to find that out for yourself - hopefully before you become it's next sacrificial lamb.1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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