Standard Tech Works

"STANDARD TECH works. It works even on SPs and PTS pcs."

- The Key Questions, by L. Ron Hubbard, 1968

One can only guess at the "reasons" why the Scientology organizations are incapable of handling their own "squirrels", especially when STANDARD TECH is proclaimed to be 100% workable.

"There was a thing called standard tech. There has been a thing called standard tech since 1966, but nobody's caught the brass ring. So I'm putting that brass ring firmly in your paw. I'm not trying to make you guilty, I'm merely trying to give you one hundred percent win. One hundred percent. If you get less than hundred percent, you goofed! If you get less than one hundred percent as a case supervisor, you goofed! Less than a hundred percent as an auditor, you goofed. Some of the goofs are beyond your control. And sometimes you hit a real goof that you can't do anything about at all. And those are the goofs which you shouldn't goof on."

- Transcript of the lecture "Standard Tech Defined", by L. Ron Hubbard

Now you know why "ethics" was created. It's purpose was to "fix" your goofs so that this 100% workable technology would be 100% understood and 100% applied. No goofs allowed.

It becomes curious that this organization, which has in it's sole possession 100% of the solutions to mankind's troubles, is incapable of dealing with those within it's own ranks who "goof". These "misfits" are sooner or later expelled from the church and declared "squirrels".

The church can justify it's actions by saying that it has more important issues to take on then getting "squirrels" 100% fixed up.

What does it tell you about an organization that encourages people to join it's ranks knowing full well that the 100% workable technology will not be applied 100% to it's rank and file.

What other more important issues are there than the sanity of it's own members?

If 100% proven workable technology exists then why is it held in reserve and not applied 100% as instructed by the leader and founder of this new-age religion?

Is this what "ethics" was supposed to fix?


"Now I don't want to intimidate you or give you a bad idea of what you've got to do. But the only thing we're demanding is 100% perfection. 100% grip on the data. 100% drill so that it just, bong, lead pipe cinch. 100% result. And that depends on a 100% grasp of the data. And a 100% application of it. And you get 100% results. Just like that. Bong. You can't have a 50% grasp on the data and get 100% results. The percentages would be quite incorrect. Right?"

- Transcript of the lecture "The Laws Of Case Supervision", by L. Ron Hubbard



- Advanced Procedure And Axioms, by L. Ron Hubbard


Something is amiss.

Would Mr. Hubbard be considered "ethics bait" or was he just confused about what "absolute" really means?

Perhaps Logic number 6 only applies to particular circumstances.

You are getting sleepy...
You will attain perfection...
You cannot attain perfection...
Unattainable perfection is worshipping the technology perfectly...
Wake up and know that the tech is absolutely perfect.

From hypnotic confusion stems psychotic stability.

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