The Spiritual Dark Ages Of Man

Religion perpetually seeks to rid mankind of it's physical form and restore the sense of spirituality within us. Progress in this can be gauged in centuries for the nature of man is one of mindfulness. This mindfulness was further defined and gradually became the Age of Information. Spirituality took a back seat to the attempts of fully exploring and understanding, as well a fully cataloging all the many varied aspects of the physical universe. This, then, became a subset of mindfulness. It became mind-analysis.

It was theorized that in order to understand the physical world around us, we must first delve into the area of the mind that stores information. This information could be examined in any one of it's many manifestations within the mind.

This step away from mindfulness seemed logical and correct and so was deemed as being the only proper method of understanding both ourselves and the physical world around us. Mindfulness of one's thoughts and actions became the examination and study of our thoughts and actions.

The examination and study of our thoughts and actions using "proper" scientific techniques can only result in what those "scientific" techniques have postulated. Nothing else. Through the mind, anything is possible, but the mind is not the Master, nor is it the teacher of what is to be learned.

The mind is the "scientific" experiment. Exploring ourselves through our experiments will reward us only within the boundaries of it's existence.

Have you ever wondered why the attempt has been made to exactly define, catalog and understand the mind? To what ends has this been attempted?

Understanding ourselves by understanding our minds is a path that will only torment the seeker and that insanity has the ultimate goal of infliction. Mindfulness is not about understanding the mind. It is about understanding the actions of the mind. Separating the mind from ourselves allows us to see ourselves as we are. Mindfulness seeks the separation of Mind and Self.

Understanding the mind allows us to see ourselves through the mind. Why take this unnecessary step. The inevitable is inevitable. Seeing Ourselves separate from the mind requires that the mind be seen for what it is. Confusing the mind for Ourselves is truly a Dark Age.

What Is To Be Done?

What is to be done? How does One return lightness where darkness has reigned supreme?

Our actions define not Ourselves, but our minds. The mind is not the Self. To restore equilibrium all that must be done is to seek the goal of Oneself, not of the Mind. The difference is clear, the distinction noticeable. Mindfulness nor "scientific" methods, will discover what it is that is to be discovered. Only You can do that. You reap the rewards You sow. To plant hopes and dreams in the mind is to a harvest the troubles and worry of Life.

Bringing equilibrium to Life creates balance in Life.

What balance is to be brought by emptying the mind of it's troubles?1

  1. Note: This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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