The Xenu Cult

"We aren't any cult that believes some outrageous nonsense about demons and devils and we aren't any get-rich-quick scheme and might even succeed better if we were."

- Ability,Issue 83, 1958, The Magazine of Dianetics and Scientology, "New HCA Course, You Can Begin at Home", by L. Ron Hubbard

Let me tell you about a story.

Long, long ago, there a lived a demon Hubbard called Xenu. He was a very nasty fellow and forms the basis of many of our problems that we have today. Life cannot be truly enjoyed unless we face this evil demon and throw off the chains that he has bound us all with. So difficult is this to face and overcome that it was given the title of "The Wall of Fire".

The rumor that Scientology encourages is that if an unsuspecting person was to even think about this evil villain, horrendous repercussions could be experienced. So drastic are these "effects" that people could DIE from them. Unless, of course, they were properly trained and audited in how to "handle" this Xenu fellow and his evil ways.

Some have called Scientology a Dead Space Alien cult. Can this be far off from the science fiction story penned by "the great one".?

Years of auditing. Years of training. What are the rewards? You get to read a science fiction story and if that isn't enough, for even more money the "experiencer" can be exposed to additional stories that will surely tax "reality".

Sometimes, stories turn out well. Well written stories usually captivate our emotions and give us something to think about as well. In the Zenu story, Hubbard doesn't give us either. All that he imparts upon the "chosen" is fantasy with a bad ending.

But that is where the next chapter comes in. After describing and making sure that you fully understand the tale, you are then given the "tools" in which to create your own ending. What a new concept!

Fantasy has come of age. The public can now read a good story and then make up their own ending. Now THAT is believability!

No wonder Scientology charges enormous amounts of money for this. No where else can the reader become so immersed within a story that it actually begins to become real.

That is why Scientology has emphasized marketing to such a great degree. This product must be sold! Who would buy it on merits alone? It must be EXPERIENCED. And people are falling for the experience.

The only problem is that what falls as well are the purse strings. Empty handed and destitute, some people will go to great lengths to conjure up marketing green in order to purchase another "fix". These people will lie, cheat and steal all the while feeling that they are doing a "good deed".

Drugs in the street are being replaced by drugs in the mind and Scientology is in the forefront of this new "road to freedom". Spirituality can now be found in demons and cash. Welcome to the "science of mind".


I'll leave the "we aren't any get-rich-quick scheme" quote for the reader's contemplation.1

  1. Note: This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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