There Is No Scientology Religious Conviction

"But one of the oldest things that was ever given into the training of wise men that I know of was simply this -- the basic faith in which the individual has been trained and the basic political allegiance of the individual must not be tampered with by the Order training him. And it was the Order itself which laid that down. That's an old, old one. They were training very wise men and that was the first thing that they made sure not to do. They did not tamper with these things. If the individual cared to alter these things himself nobody was going to tell him to or tell him not to. Nobody was even vaguely persuading him. It might be in the course of his study that he found certain things that men did laughable, or confusing, or he found certain things that men did remediable -- but nobody was standing there trying to lead him into a higher religious or political conviction. And that is the case with Scientology."

- The Phoenix Lectures, by L. Ron Hubbbard

All I can say is: Have you ever met a Scientology Registrar?

Is not the "Bridge to Total Freedom" supposed to be a "higher religious" conviction?

Have you ever entertained thoughts of questioning "certain things" within Scientology? If you do not have experience with this, my suggestion is to try it out. Go to a Scientology storefront and question "certain things". See what happens.

Scientology is big business and Mr. Hubbard is correct in his assessment that "religious or political conviction" has nothing to do with that.1

  1. Note: This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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