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Q: I'm confused. Your site makes mention of Scientology quite a bit and yet you also have various things about other philosophies. So what is the web site really all about? Are you or are you not a Scientologist?

Great questions. There is no one specific ideology or philosophy that is embraced here as our very nature is way above any of these 'talking points'. In this regard all philosophies, religious or not, share the common idealistic goal of becoming one thing or another. This is not meant to denigrate any particular philosophy which someone might hold in high regard as various means appeal to various personalities. When one exceeds the boundaries, as all philosophies and routes inherently embrace, then there is absolutely no need for any support structure in any format or function. To that end there is no claimed title, any title, that would applicably denote who or what exists here.

What you will find on this website is that which was written in full knowledge, of whatever topic is being discussed. But in reality this is all meaningless as the sole point here is to reverse one's attention to whence it came and for that attention source to understand it's own nature, fully and consciously. It's really such a simple small thing to ask. And so it is.

Q: Is the Free Zone really dead?

There is an amazing amount of grasping, of desiring that some thing will last forever in this universe. The truth of the matter is that this universe is built upon the principals of change, of there being a constant alteration of 'what is' or more correctly, the illusion of life and living. When one wishes to hold onto some thought, idea or concept then one is doomed to become the effect of that obsession. Like all things, the Free Zone moves along in time and although some would have that idea become forever cemented in perpetuity, it just isn't so. Nothing dies because nothing is born. When it comes right down to it, rising above the crutches that one is firmly grasping is about the only thing that enables one's spiritual freedom is take off.

That's the idea here.

Q: From whom do you have authority to speak about the Free Zone, Loyal Officers, the Galactic Patrol and other such things?

There is no claim to authority what-so-ever and therefore the whom becomes meaningless.

Q: What is your relationship to the Free Zone?

A: Merely a minor party to it.

Q: Do you audit?

A: When auditing leaves the room and becomes part and parcel of life and living, what would it then be called?

Q: Do you provide services?

A: Yes. It's called the Free Zone whereby others may pursue spiritual freedom unencumbered by the black arts.

Q: What is the meaning of life?

A: It's the reason numerous thetans are out and about the universe, looking for answers. Seeking is not finding. When one has lost the car keys is it not better to look in the last place first?

Q: What philosophy do you recommend?

None at all. This is one of the most difficult things to do for one who seeks 'enlightenment', 'realization' or what-have-you. It can be quite difficult to come to terms with the idea that one need do nothing in relation to studying and understanding text and texts. Instead of seeking outside of one's self, more 'progress' can be had by seeking within one's self. Believe it or not, everything comes from you, yourself. You make and break your world. Why not do a little research into who or what is doing that? Unfortunately many have a difficult time in accepting that they are not the thoughts, concepts and ideas which sprout from themselves and so, like a dog fetching a bone, run after one thing and another all in the name of 'finding it'.

You are already 'found'. If one were to actually realize this, then it would all be over - in an instant. The problem comes in overcoming all those preconceived thoughts, ideas and concepts in which one 'finds' beingness.

So my advice is: stop running around and fetching every bone there is. Just stop and be still for a moment to let your own true nature be realized.

You will not find your self in books, pictures, thoughts, words, ideas or philosophies of any kind. You are. Period.

What's so hard to understand about that!? :-)

Q: I want to improve myself. What can I do?

The 'proof' is in the pudding. In other words, if one eliminates all that one is not, all the things, possessions, thoughts, etc. that one is not, all that will be left is the remainder - You! You are the basis for this universe. You are the creator of this world - exactly the way it is right now. Ignoring the simple fact of one's existence in the idea that there is something 'out there' to be gotten hold of, to be firmly grasped in order to achieve some egoic goal will do nothing but extend one's experience of the illusion of life and living. There is no such thing as 'improvement' of one's self, unless, of course, one is referring to one's computer data base - the mind.

The mind is our tool in this illusionary world of make believe. 'Improving' it will do nothing but further cement the pain and suffering which is part and parcel of life itself.

To that end, looking beyond appearances, we begin to look, and absorb the totality of, our true nature. No one has ever 'found' or 'improved' themselves by seeking outside of themselves. One can find one's reflection where ever one looks, and seeking to adjust it's characteristics will do nothing but further alter the illusion of our selves.

Cut to the chase and leave any and all 'improvements' behind. Once our true nature is fully understood where is the need for improvement but in the mind of man.

Imagining otherwise, one will merely continue the toils and troubles of life and living and upon reaching death, fear for an imaginative future where our characteristics overwhelm us in grief, conflict and glee. As a fact of fact, many do this day in and day out in their rush to overcome the inevitable death of what we think of as ourselves.

Q: What courses or lessons are available for me so that I can follow a disciplined path to understand my true nature

In order to fully understand that one is really one's self then all that must be done is to let go of everything else. All disciplines and paths create rigid routes which are many times quite appealing to the mind-full. But for those who are courageous enough to discard the pleasures and pain of living life there is absolutely no need for robotic means to an end.

It's really quite easy to just relax into our true nature. After all, aren't so many, many people feverishly running in the opposite direction by trying to 'achieve' their life's dream? Dreaming is not reality and our true nature is as real as it gets.

But in order to fully understand this we must let go of everything else. Therefore, nothing can or will do it for us but we, ourselves. With firm conviction, if one goes on the Quest for one's self, nothing will stand in the way. So why take the long road?

13 Sep 2010

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