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What A Momentous Occasion To Celebrate

There is always a time of restitution, of zombie-killing feel-good compensation where we can rejoice in our well earned glee of the excitement of a job well done. But what is it that has been accomplished and where do we draw the line of feeling... 06 Aug 2012

Old Habits Do Die Hard

The once peaceful rolling hills of despair have been turned on it's ear. No longer are the destitute and dying finding a place to swing their hips to the ever popular dance beat called 'survive'!. Languishing in self pity the sheep have nary a... 09 Sep 2009


It's been made known that this website is neither a delivery center nor a propaganda tool for self-serving interests. There is nothing to buy here and commerce is looked upon with disinterest. In this capitalistic day and age it seems that... 15 Feb 2008

Stepping Aside, Our Nature Remains

Thoughts, in their ever present nature, help to define our beingness. Through our thinking process alignment occurs with that which we have deemed to be our demonstrate-able characteristics. Through thoughts we create our reality and live the... 02 Nov 2005

Great Leaps Takes Greatness

Answering the call of Nature, Silence attends it's Domain. There is nothing alone but what is desired to be alone. Lost is not just another word for confusion, it is also the state of affairs on this planet. Dying to get ahead, no one... 07 Oct 2003

Naked To The Eye

When you look at another, what is it that you see? Do you the petty problems of life and living or do you see the unfathomable spirit within, expressing itself in some small way? How we see those around us is a reflect of how we see ourselves.... 25 Nov 2002

The Tomb Of The Unknown Pharaoh

Spiritual fruition, in the coming year, will be plentiful. What has been sowed will be reaped and as we float along in "time" our efforts begin to become less agonizing. The mark of greatness is not what is said. It is not measured in the... 06 Jan 2000

Surpassing The Unsurpassable

Surpassing the unsurpassable may seem to be quite the task at hand, but actually, the task is only possible upon taking the standpoint of a new evolved viewpoint. As we grow, our teachers become less and less able, or so it seems. In many cases,... 26 Dec 1999

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