Old Habits Do Die Hard

The once peaceful rolling hills of despair have been turned on it's ear. No longer are the destitute and dying finding a place to swing their hips to the ever popular dance beat called 'survive'!. Languishing in self pity the sheep have nary a word to the wise other than the shrill scream of the death plunge off the face of the cliff. Dwindling in sorrow, despair can come to know the bottomless pit of nastiness called the evil that Men do. Facing ourselves in the mirror is never easy but sooner or later we must all come to terms with our nefarious twisted ways, our conniving and devious tactics of waylaying responsibility. When our deeds become righteous no matter the pain and suffering we lay at the feet of one and all it is then that our path has surely moved beyond the sane and into the jungle of perversion.

It is to this day that the path has come full circle.

If one were to kill the messenger then we would all be dead but who would be left to accept our neglect of responsibility? Who would be left to trample under our fleet of foot so calculated and cold? Indeed, who would be left?

There is only us who are left. There is the one and only 'me'.

All things ever remain in balance despite and perhaps in spite of our hopes, dreams and class distinctions. Do you really think that any of these matter in the least when the pearly gates refuse our entry while the prison warden jumps for joy in our 'voluntary' surrender? Yes, we do indeed surrender.

The evil that Men do pales in comparison to the greatness upon which all are based. There are no sub-standards applicable here. There are no losers, no winners and least of all no royalty of grand deception being played out for the mantle of god-hood.

Humility is one thing but scraping the bottom of the barrel just to prove the point is pushing it just a bit too far don't you think?

Coming up for air is the best time to evince change.

Change is in the air. Do you not smell the evident greatness or is the stench of sulphur continuing to linger still, to deaden the senses yet still.

Old habits do die hard but so do we.

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