The Truth of Today

The truth of today is but the darkness of tomorrow. Seeking the light, we yearn to be free of the truth of our forefathers in much the same way that our progeny shall rid themselves of the wisdom of the ages.

The wisdom that was hard fought is the truth that came at a price out of comparison to the rewards in which it was cloaked. Truth and wisdom each contain their own descendants of evil, but in reality truth is only the small sum of our hopes and dreams encompassed on a far greater scale. The scale of life is the scale of a fictitious truth.

The play and the players both coalesce into the experience of the moment and the pain of yesterday as well as the fears of tomorrow. All come true as truth is not always that which is sought, but which may arrive of it's own accord. Believability is a far cry of a moralistic approach.

Lurking and seeking the wisdom whose existence has been promised to us all at one time or another, if a fable come true. The sought rewards may indeed arrive, but the wisdom, in most cases, is entirely neglected.

Breath the life of truth and wisdom plummets to your doorstep, empowering all that it seeks. Life is for the living and though it's pleasantry may be unaccustomed, it's purpose reveals so much more.

Hoping the hope is a far better cry than feeling the defeat of one's own existence. Wisdom need not be held within the same breath as truth. Truth and wisdom, neither are partners and yet the self same existence has a co-dependancy it order to create a lasting impression. Most times, that impression is forlorn in the hopes and dreams of selfishness and self-delusion.

Within delusion the truth that we seek embodies education and within that education there exists wisdom to be learned. What demented state shall we become in order to have that which can no longer be upheld?

Truth can be had through the eyes and ears of wisdom's domain, but truth can also be had by the understanding that truth is not what we may believe it is, but is only what in fact it is. Dementia torments the tormented. Truth reveals itself as befits the position.

The position you seek is more appropriate than the idea that truth will create the knowledge which in turn will create the understanding of some fine detail within yourself that you have somehow misplaced along the way. Next time, carry some string.

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