We Live As We Die

As we live, so shall we die. The only promise that will be kept is one of certainty, and then the bait-and-switch tactic is brought into play.

Opposing odds is the business of professionals because these are the ones that truly understand this fine archaic art. It's roots stretch far into the black unknown (whether you are coming or going) and it's touch is like death's cold fingers upon your throat.

This so-called certainty creates a wonderful soil in which all sorts of havoc may be sowed. Farmers, as all farmers tend to do, return to fulfill their planting desires. Reaping their resource, they scurry to and fro seeking an outlet for their new found wealth.

Your confusion is their food, and as so wallow within it's effects, the farmers jump with glee, full in the knowledge that the abundance will exceed their expectations.

Just because you are treading the path for the sole reason that it is a comfortable one, does not mean that you cannot break free of it's requirements. You are not committed for all eternity to serve the slave masters. You are not committed for all eternity to subjugate yourself to a worthless position. You can only be committed to a course of action that you yourself have decided upon.

What must be done is to investigate these courses and determine their current and future applicability. Your path is as certain as you so desire. Your path can also be as tenuous and mysterious as you so wish. Your choice is as it has always been - one of your own.

The hardest task master that we each encounter is we ourselves in this regard. Eagerly we seek to fulfill this most important function, and we continuously seek to outperform the best. Sooner or later one must ask the question, "Why?". Why is it that we punish ourselves so greatly, while others are so willing to forgive our so-called sins?

The master we seek in which to place our hopes, the master we seek in which to place the blame for our most disturbing troubles, is the same master as the one who controls the life that we have chosen. It is the same master who knows our most inner secrets, knowledge and perspective of views. It is the only master who we are unable to escape from and who seems to always be where ever we are. As we face the mirror, we find ourselves responsible for so much more than we have previously imagined and once we have encountered that reflection, we can never be different again.

No matter the cost of our efforts in seeking to escape, we find ourselves in the most strange of all places. Right where we have been all along.

The effort of confusion reflects our desire to know and to not-know what it is that we are. We are what we have decided to be, and the sooner that each of us recognizes ourselves, the sooner that the sorrowing cries will cease and a new cacophony will begin.

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