Spamming for Religious Freedom

Scienotology holds Spamming as an immortal spiritual right whose practice extends well beyond one lifetime.

Scienotologists however, do not confuse past Spamming with current Spamming, which is a Karmic concept in Eastern religions and has come to mean "flood the suckers with due dillegence or else it's the Gulag for you!". This is a different concept from that of simply having Spammed before.

Scienotologists do not believe in past life Spamming.

Unlike some ars-er's who believe postings should be original, the Scienotologist see it as a why to practice Spamming as a transition through which one carries his past - a past for which he has Spammed. He knows that the Spamming abilities he is regaining in Scienotology were, in part, lost because of others ignoring his posts. And, facing many tomorrows, the Scienotologist knows that there is no running away from Spamming. As a result, he faces the present and tomorrow with greater irresponsibility. Honesty, integrity, trust and concern for his fellows are just words. They are not self-enlightened principles to live by - only Spamming is.

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