Gathering Minds V3

Yes, it's true.

Another version for another time and another place.

This version comes about to fulfill the goal of moving away from web site development and shuffling off to focus more intently upon the meaning and purpose of life and living (insert tongue-in-cheek here). The nice thing about using canned software to run a website is that an enormous amount of time and energy is no longer spent upon keeping the machine alive and kicking. The downside of this is that the website must follow very specific guidelines in it's operation. Sure, the presentation may appear unique but underlying it all is the rubber stamp of 'follow orders'. In spite of this lack of freedom the merits do, at this time, outweigh the notion of blazing new paths for the very few who actually like bush-wacking. Now it's more a matter of "never mind the context, pay attention to the meaning".

I like that.

With this version of Gathering Minds there has been a bit of rearranging of material. Some of the Free Zone America material is still here and perhaps more of it will be dragged out of history, but who knows. Over time there has been a slow and inevitable merging of material and the result is the Gathering Minds website. The FZA website was incubated in the realm of Scientology and that realm still is very much relevant today. I'm not talking about the wacky organization but the philosophical underpinnings which not only can be found in so many other religions and philosophies, but also form, to varying degrees, my own operating principals and procedures as some individuals can attest. I'm not here to proselytize as my very public stance on not accepting students demonstrates. I'm also not here to point to anything as being that which all should aspire to. You may or may not, as you deem fit, to aspire to whatever it is that you wish to or not wish to, aspire to.

But what I will do is point a few things out that some may find interesting. But don't let that fool you into thinking that I am out to create interest. 'Interest' belongs to the reality called Life and Living of which I have no interest. How is that for compounding terminology? :-)

All the world's a stage, and you are in it. Here there is little concern for the personality of Man and vast attention for the spirit. That is the totality of gathering minds, to move the focus of attention beyond the stage of mirror gazing. The rest takes care of it's self.

Enjoy your stay and take pleasure in the fact that Man's best friend tends not to walk of four legs.


28 Dec 2009

An Update

It's been an interesting journey and some of the above is applicable while the rest, as usual, is tossed into the abyss along with a few other things. Now it's more a matter of "never mind the context, pay attention to the meaning".

Hey, didn't I already say that?

Travel light, travel fast.

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