A Note About Commenting

On the pages that provide for commenting you may submit your own as you wish either as a registered user (when activated) or as a guest. All comments submitted by guests are moderated so that Gathering Minds can continue to be the focused website that it is. Registered users, depending upon their own good will, may or may not have their comments moderated. The interest here is not in commenting but upon understanding. It may appear that vocalization in the form of comments is required in order to gain understanding but this is only an apparency1 used to solidify one's own viewpoint.

A viewpoint is nothing but a point from which one views.

Consider it as a vista point where one pulls the car off the highway in order to take in the grand spectacle of nature. Drinking in the view we then get in our car and take it with us whenever and where ever we go. Some views we embrace so strongly that it becomes of our own makeup or character - our sense of beingness becomes changed as our mental mechanism reinvents the wheel in it's desire to quantify and qualify everything. But that is not us and that is not the direction from which comments are provided for.

Taking a step back one can put forth the desire and effort to see what exactly one is doing - and why. If you do not take the time to examine your own beingness then obviously this website is not the place for you. If you have no wish but for social interaction in order to attend to your own needs then this website is also not for you.

But if you have a love of the underlying beat or music of the universe, if you have even a slight small glimmer of what the concept 'spiritual' really means then perhaps you will find something here - something about yourself. Not your body self and not the image of self but the whole enchilada.

Welcome to the center of the universe.

  1. apparency: state of being apparent. This is of course something much different than the actual reality. The 'state of being' should give it away. 

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