Devil Diving

"Good... bad... I'm the guy with the gun."

- Army of Darkness

In goodness there is evil and in evil, there lies goodness. One without the other is like missing a dance partner while shimmying and shaking to the latest dance craze. Two poles, two opposites. In relation we establish rules of the road, of what is good and what is bad. Running from one extreme while embracing the other we tend to get caught up in the emotional turmoil of it all - all in the name of moral authority of course.

Well, there is no moral authority among those who play Duopoly, the game of chance, of blame, shame and regret. As we point our fingers against those who rub us the wrong way we equally point out the fact that we are the missing link looking for nothing else but acknowledgment of our own selfish desires, of our own thoughtless plundering among the sleeping populace. Why not take advantage of the situation, we ask ourselves fully expecting the appropriate justification as we dunk one more witch under the water of lies and deceit.

No one can take our pain away as no one but ourselves has given it to us in the first place. We can try to make it everyone else's problem but stirring the pot while calling the kettle black never seems to work out. We can only try to enforce our ideas through powerful conviction but unfortunately not everyone shares the same respect for 'power'.

You can kill the body and yet have no effect. That is not power, it's tomfoolery. Kicking out the unwanted kids who just happen to have found their way into your sandbox reveals much about our own dementia. Though we loudly proclaim ourselves as being king of the hill the truth of the matter is that only a fool cries out in the night at the horror of their own making. Running from ourselves may be good exercise but where is the reward?

Goodness sustains itself upon evil deeds. How else can goodness exist other than in relation to it's exact opposite? This is why the road of complete absorption can take one to native state but along the way something very interesting happens - the road merges.

Evil can not exist in a vacuum and so the twin of goodness offers itself up for sale. Bouncing like a tennis ball one can weave a trajectory back and forth in indecision or compulsion. Attraction or repulsion, we can take flight upon either wing to the same nest.

It is the nest we call home which is the key, not our game playing.

Playing cops and robbers we act out our parts upon the stage of life and living waiting with baited breath in the hopes that our rewards will thunderously come upon us. Is this not our time, our place where the limelight shines upon us so favorably? We expect to be noticed and duly perform our tasks with nothing but this in mind. Our place in the universe must be acknowledged.

We must be noticed.

But the question must be asked, who or what is to do the noticing? It's obvious that our own back-patting is insufficient so what else is there? There must be something outside of ourselves to which our attention is focused, something much greater. Is this greatness the cause of our actions to seek the greatness of ourselves? Whether good or evil the two sides of the same coin are but two reflections of the focal point. We are that focal point upon which all else rests.

But there is more to that.

Being the offspring of Infinite creation we already know of our place in the Universe.

So what's the point?

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