The End Of The Line

Lines are drawn everywhere. It seems everyone has their fair share of what is called "personal space" and when that space is violated, when the line has been crossed trouble ensues. But when the line is never crossed it just hangs there for all eternity unless and until the owner rolls up the carpet and calls it a night. The end can go gently into the night or it can bare it's teeth and feed on whatever comes near.

Scientology auditing in todays world is like that, a never ending magic carpet ride into the vast expanse of perpetuity. The end is never in sight but becomes grandly nurtured in the mind as being real. By this acceptance perpetuity find meanings and purpose. The road is made just for the traveler and none other.

There are some who relish the idea of gathering under their belt every possible thing there is to audit, every level, every list, every item - all done to perfection of course and then... done again! The fun of traveling is not arriving but the journey. Insights and cognitions recur with amazing frequency while the pc undergoes a feeding frenzy of more, more. Must have more...

Yes, the journey is the solution. The purpose of auditing is not to clear obstructions in order to provide space for more auditing to occur. The purpose of auditing is not to provide one with warm and fuzzy feelings of a false grandeur. It's purpose is to provide the baby steps necessary in order for one to spread their wings and fly.

Most never leave the nest of their own making. This is what is called the business of Scientology and one must pay the price.

But there is a higher price involved here. Becoming the suckling pig at the teat of auditing, one might just as well walk the earth deaf, dumb and blind. The way of responsibility requires that one leave the nest in order to find out what one is really made of. The multitudes have no problem in grabbing the free Man and pulling him back to earth - all for his own good of course.

Cut the strings.

Become your own light through the clear seeing called responsibility. You'll be glad you did.1

  1. Followup: This is not to say that there is no value what-so-ever to be found in Scientology. Don't make that mistake! This viewpoint addresses the fixation and in that context only. 

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