The Clear Seeing of Obfuscation

Looking through our eyes we see the world at large and take refuge in the fact of our creation. In so becoming we find purpose and plan in which to take experience. From cause to effect our happiness travels the world over seeking and looking. As the dog on the leash, the pull is ever present and we duly follow, we must follow. The life we live becomes not of our own making but the rewards derived from the fruits of our labor. Always the rewards.

As we take notice of attention we watch ourselves move through perception and out into the world. Becoming real we are. Free to do what we like, we do and ever remind ourselves that our fate is sealed since we have made it to be so. Living the life of our dreams we play it out and wring out all that we can of it relishing the experience of being alive. As the sun warms our back we follow the forward leading shadow through thick and thin, ever pressing onward into greater and greater depths and heights.

The roller coaster ride of life and living display thought in motion.

But what of the rest in the between? When we close our eyes does perception evaporate or is it that awareness finds new direction in which to take it? Following our conviction we become the convicted and reap all that we have sown. This life is merely the result of that action. The dream comes to be full-filled and as we try in vain to alter destiny - we simply cannot. What we have envisioned for ourselves takes flight and there is no looking back.

But there is the clarity of sight through an uninterrupted balance, of being in harmony without the urge of impingement upon all that we survey. There is peace of our nature at rest without the sense of urgent involvement, without the sense of pursuing the action and result of creation, of cause and effect.

When we attempt to resolve the effect, the lie has no choice but to continue, but in striking the root reality becomes a much, much different place.

That is the point is it not? To full-fill the effect which naturally resolves the cause and in taking the long way home we find purpose and plan which becomes the sandbox of our childish dreams. Acting out our parts to full-fillment, the play ends.

In creation, we become. In creation truth becomes obfuscated only to the degree of our knowledge of truth. The truth of perception is that the only thing you will ever see if yourself in movement. Following your shadow to 'discover' yourself creates the ignorance that one wishes to dispel. In so perpetuating life and the existence thereof Man become embroiled in perpetuity until someone comes along and says: "What's up?"

"What are you up to?"

Yes, what are you up to?

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