Crash Test Dummies

They have a life of their own. Just sitting there until being put to use, the life they lead is not their own. That is their life - waiting to be made use of which in and of itself is not necessarily a negative but in this case it certainly is. Man is their god and by thus accepting such their lives become full-filled, just like their cousins who walk in flesh.

When one becomes full-filled there is nothing left to achieve or desire. No compulsion is nurtured to become something or another but until that point is reached we endure our roles as making the world just a tad safer by being placed in danger.

Yes, that is the dichotomy of Man. By placing one's self in danger peace is assured but it is never a peace for ourselves for the puppet masters care only for their toys to the extent that they are considered 'use-full'. The will of Man contains gaping holes through which is poured the dreams of other Men. Dreaming the dream of life and death Man resoundingly chooses living the life of pain and sorrow. The weary know not of rest.

Waking each day from the horrible nightmare of our own choosing Man climbs the ladder of success and continues to climb until the end is reached whereupon he falls right off and immediately seeks another rung to climb, another day to live in the streets paved with gold and opportunity. Crash after crash Man full-fills his purpose.

But what of the plan?

by Enrico MazzantiDreams require places to go and things to do. Busy, busy, busy - always seeking, always yearning to attain Pinocchio's dream of becoming real. Yes, there is always something else to become while we spin our wheels and go nowhere behind the prison bars of our own choosing. Ignoring our current state of affairs we escape to dreamland and embrace the appearance of happiness while destitute and dying inside.

Though a spirit cannot die it certainly can pretend. Turning out the lights and withdrawing leaves little room for the light of awareness. In the Darkness we find the comfort of hiding away while the battle for the mind of Man rages on. Playing the victim we become the slave as we give away our sovereignty to those whose greed has driven them mad with desire. Desire can never be full-filled. No matter the ends one strives to attain the emptiness inside will never go away until we find the courage to take stock of our own plight, to open our eyes and to see what has been wrought by our own hands.

The only way to end the life of being a crash test dummy is to cease being one. One can find being in infinite variety so the question would become: Why have you chosen to be what you are right now?

With open eyes one can plainly see that there are no puppet masters to pull our strings unless we create it thus. There is no such thing as a life of pain and suffering unless we create it thus. No matter the circumstances brought our way it is the mental outlook which defines our route, our path through life and living. It's not the event but the compulsion to attain which defines the experience. There is no better show than the drama of life but with joy in one's heart Creation becomes a very different place. A very different place.

Joy is the release of me and mine, of clutching and desiring, of compulsion and acquisition. Where experience is used to refine being, joy just is. Where pain and suffering is the stage of life and living, one's own Heart is the canvas upon which it all takes place. That is what is meant by having joy in one's Heart. To fully and consciously know that the definition of 'you' depends upon the unlimited vastness of divine grace. All else is nothing but child's play in the sandbox called experience.

Let's do another crash test, shall we? :-)

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