The Roar of the Lion

Intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. These three kings bear many gifts, each to their own. Amazingly enough, not many really understand what these three are so here is a bit of an allegory to help explain.

Primitive Man necessitated the acquisition of food in order to ensure the survival of it's self. As bound by duty a member or members of the human cluster went out into the wild vastness of the Universe to bring back sustenance. At first, lacking the necessary skills, the hunt came up empty and sometimes the hunter became the hunted and perished along the way. Experience being the driving factor, the will of Primitive Man endured and overcame. In time the wiser became well-fed while the inexperienced become humble and submissive in order that they too would survive.

Undertaking the hunt, the older and wiser among them would calmly perform the ritual of sacrifice despite and sometimes because of, the perils involved. The inexperienced, unknowing in the ways and means of the Universe, took their cue from those who demonstrably endured.

Two by two as the hunters were suddenly faced with the roar of a lion the inexperienced became like the stone of the earth untouched and untouchable by all while the wiser, being in command of their own senses due to a life time of experience, stood firm and drew the weapon of meat-sustenance.

While the inexperienced seek to provide depth and meaning to their own existence by and through the use of intelligence the knowledgeable one has already done so. The knowledgeable one provides fast and efficient means to accomplish what must be done while the intelligent spin the wheel of life and living in order to accumulate.

But there is even more.

Back at the homestead among the barbarians lives the oldest and some say wisest member of the clan. Though unable to hunt a banquet is provided. The intelligent young question the knowledge while the knowledgeable question the wisdom. For all a purpose and a purpose for all. Where the lion provides the means of life experience, the heart of a lion provides the depth and breath of an existence in complete indifference to the meat body one consumes or inhabits.

We all die and become reborn fitting to the one who requires it to be thus. The courage of facing the dangerous beast within relies not on intelligence nor knowledge but the courage to be one's self - fully and completely.

If you don't believe me then go ahead and learn all there is to know in the known and unknown universe in this dimension and all others; become the god you seek to be and when you finally get tired of running from your shadow there will be nothing but what has always been - you!

Just because Primitive Man, through intelligence and knowledge, has come to call himself 'wise' does not mean that anything at all has changed. The same dangers in the environment - and at home - endure. The same drama of life and living continues whether on the road or at home on the tv. Whether through religion or science the veil of ignorance still remains quite solid and firm. Spinning our wheels, we enjoy the sensation and so let time and space become full-filled with our sense of happiness while our hearts yearn for that undefinable and just out of reach definition of what we really want, what we are really after.

The hunter knows the route, the game and the method and means of taking life in order to live but another day. The wisdom which comes from understanding our own nature has nothing at all to do with that. Primitive Man has survived and continues to survive based upon the tried and true rules of the road. It all about me and my survival.

Yes, it is all about you and your survival.

When it becomes about something very, very different then perhaps, just perhaps something may come of it. The game of survival is a long and well thought-out game played well by the intelligent. Through the knowledge gained by experience intelligence grows beyond it's boundaries and becomes of note but the same self-serving opportunities exist and will ever continue to exist in the quest of avoiding the wisdom of our own nature.

One need not go to great lengths to kill something in order to keep our selves alive. All that one need do is to understand that the beast breaking down the door to get in is us.

Why do we turn away and then call it courage to face the demon?

* * *

An apple is presented to one who knows of no such thing.
Tasting it's sweetness, more are provided among rocks, sticks and dirt.
Which will you choose comes the question of intelligence?

Another born into ignorance arrives to discover the remarkable knowledge imparted by your deep understanding of the subject.
While the teacher demonstrably reveals the allegory of Man's nature.

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