Throw Mama From The Train

Crossing the boundary living the dream we peer and poke into the nether world hoping upon hope that it is we who shall be the one, the one to survive where all others have fallen. Rising from the depths of our own heritage we extend our reach into the vast unknown hoping to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Moving our eyes lightly over the audience we wait for our just rewards. Are we not grand!

Bowing to no one we extend our warmest wishes in spite of our conviction that it is we who must be on the receiving end time and time again. Proudly we display our humanity knowing full well that we have even more tricks up our sleeve. Dusting off our finest dress we lay upon hands and ensure our palms beckon offerings of selfless sharing and caring. Is this not what others do, should they not perform as the role requires?

Laying waste upon the landscape we leave our mark for all to see. Wretched are the ways and means of the dying and destitute - what else can darkness be for than to exclude the light, to chase it away?

When all the good in Man has fallen and evil reigns supreme flipping the coin we see that it is but another toss of the dice. What is the odds of that? Rising and falling the roller coaster of life and living ensures that we get our money's worth. Holding on for dear life we live it fully and completely dying with no less vigor. From start to finish the survival of the strongest remains the epitaph highlighting what once was and ever shall be. It is good to be king forever to be remembered as the greatness we are!

Crossing the boundaries of our own existence we ride the rail straight home, at least we think it is the way home. Watching the blur of experience go by we contemplate our humanity and come to realize that to be human is just another way of saying good-bye.

Now that is quite funny!

But there is more to the story.

As we nervously realize that this freight train to hell is not stopping for any one or any thing we scratch our heads and wonder what to make of it all.

And it is at that exact moment that one must throw themselves off the train.

Right there and then, wholly and completely.

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