Old Free Zone America

Free Zone AmericaThe old web site Free Zone America (fza.org) is but an ember of the past which provided an entryway into something completely different. Since that original focus has dropped away the mantle of righteousness became as clothes for others. That is their problem, not mine. This remains so today.

There are games large and small, narrow and wide. The choice is left up to the participants whether dressed as pawns or pieces. Communication is like game playing, we all have the right to participate or not as we see fit. Sometimes getting others to see beyond their own nose becomes the favored game but this is self serving. One cannot bend nor shape the view of others since this leads to our own sense of inbred superiority. What one can do is to foster an environment where understanding can take place.

The choice, as always, is the individual's to make or break.

When one establishes truth, truth becomes self evident.

If one presupposes the nature of Man to be animalistic then it becomes so in the individual's viewpoint. Though that individual creates the universe in which they find life and the living thereof it does not mean that supposition need be addressed at all.

Sooner or later one must give up that which one has found freedom in. To do otherwise is to fall into one's own trap... yet again.

What is true for you is true. It always has been because you have made it so. Whether fighting Xenu for dominion or your own proclivity to leave many a stone unturned these methods of madness remains methods of madness. There is no overcoming of yourself because you are what you are. Period. There is not something else which follows other than your own impingement upon the canvas of Creation.

After a time you will tire of following your own tracks and it is at that point, of the exact moment where you lift your head in awareness and look out upon Creation that I will surely rejoice for you.

Watching the needle rise and fall is a great start in regulating your own outlook, your own awareness of you but once mastery takes root there is only you. There is only you because thats all there ever was or will be. This is why dropping the body has no effect in the least.

It's not that your characteristics take over, it's that you overcome your own characteristics to realize the dream of complete awareness.

Perhaps you should scratch your head over that.

Meanwhile Free Zone America and all it entails is something which, for a time, became apparent and then dissolved.

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