Status Report : March 2010

Originally this report was going to contain but one line but I decided to include some other relevant data for your entertainment, duly noted as Part I and Part II.

Part I

In like a lamb, out like a lion.

Part II

There is a considerable number of events taking place both naked to the physical eye and naked to the all seeing one (sometimes called spiritual awareness). The physical always follows the spiritual despite the fact that most beings enjoy viewing this in opposition but Man does so very much enjoy it's own narcissistic pleasures.

The physical changes taking place upon Mother Earth are neither a wake-up call nor a klaxon to take heed. It is far too late in the game as these nudges in the awareness of Man are now a thing of the past. It is now the time of change.

For some the search for the acquisition of a safe place to hide the body becomes paramount. This of course changes nothing. Rats tend to desert a sinking ship franticly searching for safety in order to preserve the species. What folly! Body-centric ideology is not just what got Man into this fix to begin with, it tarnishes His beingness with a sense of egotistical universe mongering. The universe does not revolve around our perception but in our minds it finds center stage. The safest place to be is right where you are and no where else. No matter the depth and breath of preparation and planning it all comes to naught when Creation is ignored. While clutching franticly the physical, the spiritual shakes it all loose and though the Earth may rumble and tumble, there is no place like home. The physical form of our spiritual nature may come and go but what concern is it of this?

The only concern Man has of His embodiment is the loss of reality. The greater concern one has for the clothes one wears the greater the loss or distance one has from Creation. Until one releases the proclivity of mental activity or self-serving perception the death grip of life and living will continue to provide endless fascination.

But that is not what the Wave of Change is all about.

The Streets Are Indeed Paved With Gold

Here is an analogy as to how the game of shaking loose convictions is played out:

The land called United States of America, in promoting 'freedom', entices all those who resonate to 'come home', to partake of the Land of Opportunity, to join in the game of greed and acquisition - to enjoy the materialistic 'good life'.

And so they come from near and far to join the ranks of a striving and rising class struggle. Climbing the food chain the worst of the lot rise ever higher and higher with the promise of domination and dominion.

As time progresses and truth becomes weeded out all that is left is the obvious.

It is at this point that it becomes plain for all to see exactly who the fallen really are. Like a magnet, greed attracts those who resonate and there, all in one place, one may discover truth, lie and the American way.

Why embark upon a quest of revelation when it can easily be made apparent where and when one so chooses?

Now expand that analogy further and one just may discover something of far greater importance.

Energy Barrier

For quite some time an energy barrier encircling Mother Earth has been as a thorn, festering and pestering the hearts and minds of a certain particular group or 'class' of individuals. Where there is no escape one tends to conjure up torment in order to evade the matters of Heart. This subject requires but a few choice words:

There is a God and Creation is it's song.

The Rise Of Scientology

The urge and goal of current Scientological practices is to become the Eighth Dynamic through First Dynamic principals. This will never, ever happen as one does not become infinitely and all-encompassing power-full. That is self-think or a First Dynamic beingness viewpoint. Another way of saying this is: "You can't get there from here." It's true, you simply can not.

One can strive for all eternity in the attainment of insight, the release of 'pent up charge', of chains and threads, of emotion and decision and still find more.

The streets are indeed paved with gold.


Levels upon levels the rungs of the ladder climb continuously ever onward. Where one finds habitation one finds but another rung to experience, another life to live. An harmonic frequency is but another step as above so below. All that changes is the dimension and since each dimension carries it's own uniques characteristics so too do we. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

There can be a never ending roiling of the surf as it comes ashore and then returns. With each passage all that is, is.

Here in this dimension all that we see is according to the rules of the game and all that we do rests upon certain 'rules of the road'. For those who play outside the boundaries are neither a party nor a contestant to it but of other times and other places upon which conviction rests.

If one cannot master the beingness of their own nature within the relevant harmonic how can running to another expect to be any different. Compounding the error, trial and tribulation can but be a hope that we find ourselves where and when we should be, that we come face to face with our own possibilities and move beyond the nose that lies just past our perceptual viewpoint. Listening, we stay the hand of complexity and further confusion becomes lost upon the winds of change.

This is perhaps the only way one may find efficacy here, to move beyond perception into the realm of understanding. In the microcosm of our existence one can only attempt to duplicate the macrocosm of Creation, but why bother? In studying the lower levels do we find something so very different?

Like it or not the harmonic nature of existence sings it's song not just according to one's own narrow viewpoint but in totality. Listening is all that is required.

Vibrations sustain the reality in which we create the perception of existence.

Why not just skip to the head of the class?

Dismembering The Free Zone

Conglomerations come and go but the message remains the same. Most times the message is completely lost to the deaf, dumb and blind but that is not a concern. If playing one game is tumultuous what can one possible gain from pretending to play even more such? The point is never about the appearance but of the greatness which lies so very much beyond. Pulling the veil back reveals so much more than the frightened images we place before ourselves. Looking in this mirror all that we see is our own hair standing on end and exclaim in no uncertain terms that there is such a thing as the Boogie Man. Yikes!

The Earth has been set aside but is no longer. Climbing the stairs of perpetuity one must not stand in the way of progress or else the pit of despair comes to claim yet another self-serving victim. Keeping an eye on the sky while conjuring creation ensures home never leaves the Heart. There is no such thing as beingness but of one's own imagination gone native.

As the natives leave the nest may the journey be a rewarding one. The proverb of living in interesting times is a nice way of saying that the test of character requires none. But don't let that get in the way of progress as it's none of my business.

Appearances And Deception

The lamb evinces the innocence of the unwary while the lion, a predatory hunger. It's a pull-push dance according to the ignorance or perhaps solidity of dimensional perception. What one thinks is, is. What one thinks not, is not. In some circles this is referred to as 'what is true for you, is true for you.'

We all see with glasses and though peering behind the lenses is considered to be disrespect-full it must be done anyway as we are all naked to Creation. But when we presume that our clothes becomes us our nakedness yet remains for those who have eyes to see. That is the point of perception anyway is it not? To see.

But what exactly is it that we allow ourselves to see? Do we tend to see what is as it is or is our charade much too important to not color and fill in? As all that we see is nothing but ourselves what do we make of those who understand that all too well, too well for our own sense of liking? Stoning is one sure way to end the matter, perhaps for a very long time. Death comes all too naturally to those who seek to extend it's reach. One simply cannot change Creation to suit one's own introverted and selfish ends. Spiraling down the whole of darkness the lights do indeed 'go out' and in that Darkness we come to see shadows dancing upon the walls never realizing that the shadows are but castings.

Truth casts no shadow and is but the canvas upon which appearance and deception find compass. Can one look into the face of Creation and remain unmoved. Can one continue to clutch the life raft called beingness in the face of it's non-existence? Perhaps it is too much to handle to let the inmates out before the recognition and acceptance of such.

Where once the darkness was absorbed in order to allow the light to shine the time has come to Pay The Piper. Clutching the suffering Darkness always has consequences.

End Times

The latest news is that the logos1 of time and space is taking a lunch break. The supposition is that while some are left behind others move on. Perhaps after the lunch break the relied upon properties will resume their clockwork-like function and activity in the tried and true expected manner. Make sure that you check your wristwatch just to make sure that nothing is missed.

It is indeed difficult to miss nothing but that is only if you are not part and parcel of the delivery program.

Perhaps the event has already occurred and since the physical dimension is like molasses in January it's not likely to show it's ugly head just yet. Of course one can see it coming down the pike but try and relate that in this dimension!

Preparation as always, is the key to unlocking the treasure chest. As any fool would know if one doesn't know what they are doing then the doing is what is being done to them. Stocking supplies to outlast your own destiny is like the circus clowns riding a ridiculously tiny bike around and around in circles gathering more and more clowns along the way. What fun to watch! But as the circus leaves town what then? Is there nothing but a return to the same old, same old2?

Perhaps instead of the circus coming to town something far stranger is in the works.

Waking The Dead

Zombie movies are such fun watching the dead and dying turn and yearn for something beyond their grasp. Looking out upon the planet the land has become littered with the dead and dying. Having no knowledge of their own passing they cling to their character and continue to act out their portion of the script. What happens beyond their own immediate needs is of no concern. The planet could be invaded by little green men and it would matter naught. The Earth could be poisoned by purposefully creating and releasing toxic substances in the air, water and matter - it would matter naught.

How does one wake the dead in order to provide the understanding that living the zombie life is like the 'popular' definition of Democracy: Two wolves and a sheep discussing what to have for dinner.

Perhaps it is just one's fate to succumb to those who feed upon others.

Fear is paralyzing is it not?

Summarizing The Effect

That which goes bump in the night tends to shift awareness.


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  1. Logos: (the divine word of God) 

  2. same old same old: (informal) used to say that a situation or someone's behaviour remains the same, especially when it is boring or annoying 'How's work going?' 'Oh, you know. Same old same old.' (

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