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Status Report : March 2010

Originally this report was going to contain but one line but I decided to include some other relevant data for your entertainment, duly noted as Part I and Part II.

Pay The Piper

What does finding one’s way have to do with living in the world of Man? Are we to keep ourselves busy in the time of need so that other, more important matters may be dispensed with and laid in the realm of ‘lost and forgotten’? Attention is…

Setting Theta Free

A lot has been said about the Grand Council, Galactic Patrol, Grand federation, etc, etc. In the scheme of things this planet is a small bayou out in the middle of no-where with as much importance as a baloney sandwich on rye. But that is…

Country, What Country?

Forum: Deception & Control Let me get this straight:

Continuity of Choice

Mindless chatter, ever reverberating within the walls of our own choosing, incessantly calls for our attention. What if we were to let the moment pass? Would the echoes stir some long forgotten memory of what once was as a remembrance of some…

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