Setting Theta Free

A lot has been said about the Grand Council, Galactic Patrol, Grand federation, etc, etc. In the scheme of things this planet is a small bayou out in the middle of no-where with as much importance as a baloney sandwich on rye. But that is only one interpretation or level of understanding. There are many levels of understanding on the route to totality and fortunately, not all tread the same path.

In describing the happenings in certain areas of interest this website establishes a public presence or display of that which requires such. It doesn't take a super-being to know and understand what is going on in this immense Universe of ours but for those whose level of understanding is in development, items of note are thusly relayed and filed for reference here. One sees what one sees and since a captive audience requires demonstration from time to time of their freedom of expression, here it is. You are free to demonstration your acceptance of captivity.

On the other hand you are also free to demonstrate your non-acceptance of such captivity.

We all choose our leaders, our pace-setters to which we aspire. Whether in one trait or another, our pedestal of great honor lays neither empty nor forgotten but complete with that which we stake claim to. Our hopes and dreams ride on the backs of those who exhibit our own greatest failings. As like attracts like, we fall in step with those who either enable us or degrade us. It's a two-way street, so we pay the piper to play our song.

We pay the Piper to sing our song.

[ Our hopes and dreams ride on the backs of those who exhibit our own greatest failings. It is a two-way street in that those of ill-repute lend their support to same while those of wisdom and insight honor those of same. In this dichotomy of reason and reasonings, attention is placed upon those who further our own standards of being or to which we aspire. Neither empower the individual and yet through experience empowerment occurs. Strange, but true.]

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