Something's Shaking in Antarctica

(The title of this piece comes from an interesting news report.)

Antarctica, the famous and fabulous destination resort for the underprivileged remains the hot spot that it always has been. Some things never change, promises the sales poster of now well-established and known repute. Come see what’s happening at the fore-front of an ever evolving future, the brochure reveals in it’s captivating ideological pretense. Standing room only!

Some things never change and yet in this changing and evolving time-line Antarctica remains at the bottom of the world. Who would ever think to look there? Away from the spotlight of humanity darkness prevails and in this shade of twilight the sun does indeed shine and brightly so. Evolution is not riding in the back seat but one of being behind the steering wheel. Oh taxi, take me to my destination!

The Land of Ice and Snow, in it’s Darwinian approach to humanity, has been and continues to be a useful tool in one’s box of tricks. Creating appearance as reality is always established through sleight of hand, where looking is not seeing but merely believing. Belief is mandatory as knowledge is kept on the back burner, simmering away in it’s conviction that truth is unstoppable. Indeed, truth is neither stoppable nor unstoppable - it just is. But don’t take my word for it.

Skating on thin ice, humanity weaves it’s web of tangled deceit along the lines of those who pull the strings. Pulling the strings of life and death, fear can be a potent weapon of dis-belief. What else is television for anyway!

When the Byrd flew south he returned a new man. Funny how that works.

So what, exactly, is this drive to engage the ends of the Earth? Where is the need to figure it all out? The mind cannot comprehend that which the spirit avoids. Avoidance is like wearing rose-colored glasses, one sees what one sees - which is entirely made up by same. In this Age of ideological self-flagellation the bearing of mind becomes paramount while those who eschew1 such endeavors remain as Guardians, guiding the flock to safety. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

But some do know and it is to these that the lure of Antarctica is unmistakeable.

Like honey to a bee.

Something’s shaking in Antarctica and it ain’t no ice!

  1. eschew: deliberately avoid using; abstain from. Though this concept works well in relation to the subject matter as presented it is not entirely correct in it’s application. Guardians do not operate under the dichotomy of avoidance and embracement

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