Vector Analysis Boards (VABs)

David Griffin first brought this subject to light and I don't think that many fully realize the importance of it.

It's not important from the standpoint of 'figure-figuring' things out, and it's not important as an addition to a 'that's interesting' mentality. There is much, much more behind the subject than what may, at first, appear.

VABs are used quite heavily even by those who are completely ignorant of their workings. Why is that?

How is it that particular 'ways' of doing things, as defined by VAB technology, are employed exactly as laid out by those who supposedly know 'nothing' of it's use or application.

There must be more to this than meets the eye.

Playing Games in this Universe is fun. There is no doubt about that. Well, it CAN be fun for those who are in a position to make it so, but that is another matter.

From the standpoint of game enjoyment VABs are like the little booklet that comes with Monopoly. Sometimes, it's hard to read all of the fine print and make sense of it, but once you play, you intuitively come to know the rules of the game.

In Life, there are a number of rules which people use completely unaware of the depth and breath of them. In the Game of Life, everyone gets the same chance, and the chance to understand the rules of the game can be very, very rewarding.

I've located a few of David's posts on the subject and grouped them here for easy reading. Perhaps you will find something of interest.

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