You Are Not Going Anywhere

Gazing within the crystal ball, sometimes referred to as the imagination, our attention becomes captivated by the wondrous glories of our creations. Distilling the real from the unreal can become seemingly impossible when our attention is so fixed. Creating our world, we populate it with our own idea of reality only to eventually learn that creation entails experiences sometimes better left unknown.

This is not to say that the act of creating is to be avoided or shunned. It is, after all, an act and as the consequence of our actions unfold, either we do as well, or the price of freedom takes it's toll. Life is not a struggle unless we make it so.

Swimming against the tide, we feel resistance. Looking about us, we see others of like mind. Resistance or not, we see what it is we wish to see and little else.

This is why spiritual enlightenment requires fixation of attention to be free of desire. Where our attention goes, we go. When that attention becomes unstuck, we realize the freedom which is at the very core of our being. Struggling, we have created the tide and the others of like mind. Freeing ourselves, we free others.

This is why you cannot free another until you, yourself have become that freedom. Any thing other than this is temporary relief at best. Efforting to convince others of the spiritual freedom not inherent in oneself is the play of false imagination.

We can imagine all sorts of realities, and play them out as well, but nothing compares to the spiritual freedom that exists under all of that suppression.

We are not freeing beings, we are freeing the suppression which 'hides' that freedom.

When you grant beingness to another, you are acknowledging that freedom within them. When you validate the suppression, everyone loses.

Finding your own spiritual freedom requires that you find that very same spiritual freedom in others. When you begin to recognize that spiritual freedom in those around you, you will come to know the truth of what the dynamics really mean.

Expanding awareness is more than just gazing within the crystal ball of our imagination. Expanding awareness is the release of the suppression which we have placed upon our spiritual freedom.

You are not going anywhere other than where you have always been.

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