Harmonic Interference

Physically, there are all sorts of ways and means of collecting information on or about an individual. From ‘remote viewing’ to placing high technology listening devices in close proximity to the individual, to satellite tracking, there are many, many ways of harvesting data. But these are all physical methods and take a back seat to theta universe methods and means.

The trouble with physical data harvesting methods is that the physical evidence must be verified, filed, cross checked and examined in great detail. In other words, these methods are all laborious, drawn out and almost always stale dated. In contradiction to these methods, there are numerous avenues available in the theta universe which can, and do, address the physical universe methodology short comings.

Harmonic Interference is but one of these avenues.

There currently exists in the various ‘unofficial’ compartments of black projects, various types of ‘remote viewing’ and data collection schemes, all geared toward obtaining information ‘on the sly’. While this ‘art of war’ has developed to a great degree in those black projects, there remains a clear deficiency in the projected rewards desired. Due to the lack of understanding of the various factors involved, these black projects are all a ‘stab in the dark’. Perhaps, sooner or later, someone may actually stumble upon the knowledge and direct experience that the division between physical and non-physical must be taken as a whole. Perhaps these various black projects will come to fruition, but given the current mind-set, this is highly doubtful.

One of the ways of trying to circumvent the solidity of that mind-set is called ‘compartmentalization’. Creating self-containing environments, it is hoped that the rewards of those environments can be harvested and used in the main field of battle. Sometimes, this philosophy appears to work, but ultimately, the successes lose their effectiveness and fall by the wayside.

The physical universe and the theta universe and two separate universes with a cohesive area clearly defined by the zone of impingement. Understanding that zone of impingement resolves both universes and therefore resolves the cross-over of methodologies and technologies employed in harvesting desired data. But with current mind-set, it is like looking out with a blind eye. It cannot be seen, even in compartmentalized environments. Solving a problem can never be achieved by becoming the problem.

Harmonic Interference is a method of harvesting data whereby no physical universe device is required. As the term describes, what is required is the creation of a matching vibratory level of awareness. Matching this awareness level, the subject is usually completely unaware of it’s occurrence while the initiator is.

Unlike ‘remote viewing’, there is no distance involved. The initiator goes nowhere and the subject is not drawn in for examination.

Creating an environment of matching levels, all information, as processed by the subject, is completely, and totally available for examination. There is some degree of separation in returning this data into the physical universe, but it certainly is not impossible to retrieve all data as desired.

You will see some forms of this methodology employed by a few alien cultures and their results are an indication as to the type and form of culture they have created. This planet could be considered to be in the Stone Age in comparison to some of those cultures, when it comes to this type of methodology.

It is true that some various forms of this methodology are being employed on those who are ‘stumbling in the dark’ when it comes to ‘remote viewing’ and other mind-based technologies of data acquisition being employed here on this planet. Watching the watchers.

Taking the next step, some of these cultures have also employed active interdiction while employing harmonic awareness. Attributing communication ‘coincidences’ to various sources may be a result of this. There are many, many methods at the disposal of those who follow this line of work.

Protecting oneself against Harmonic Interference is quite simple - for those whose awareness levels are at a sufficient level. Determining the employment of acquisitive methodologies requires awareness without imaginative influences. Processing, and thereby removing those influences are a prime target by those who require the opposite as these create ‘at risk’ individuals who fall outside of the controlling influences involved.

Awareness can be directly linked to the imagination being used to view the environment. Seeing the environment for what is actually is versus seeing the environment for what it is thought to be is the determining factor involved here. There is more to gaining awareness than just the release of some long forgotten pain or sorrow. It is the release of thoughts that get in the way of seeing.

To see is to look where it is that you want to look.

It’s easy to find and use, to one’s own benefit, a matching harmonic level of awareness of another, but never forget that it is a two way street. Harmonic Interference is not a one-way flow and can be used in it’s inverse demonstration as well.

Similar to tracing communication lines, false intelligence information may be revealed in the same manner. Physical data harvesting devices are similarly at risk and display the same characteristics.

There exists many ways to gather, process and formulate data. Above this there is seeing. With seeing, there is no need of either physical or non-physical data collection methods. Knowledge comes cheap, but information can be quite costly.

All such information incursions have a source and can be traced. Not only can the immediate source be determined, but the associated ties as well. Sometimes, even ‘compartmentalization’ comes to be at risk. Especially when it comes to primitive methodologies, whether native or alien.

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