My Final Answer To The Question...

My final answer to the question:


This question was originally posed over a year ago and I never ended cycle on that posting thread. The title of that original thread is "ATTN FZAO: A QUESTION FOR YOU" (ref: Please note that 'CitizenCain' is the posting name that I used at that time.

The question I originally posed was fully answered by myself, but there was one glaring question that was brought up by several posters, all aligned behind their 'important' question. Here is the question that was asked in response to my posting of what the first code of a Loyal Officer is:

"What exactly is your reference for this?"

Interesting question, isn't it? If you review the original thread of discussion, you will see that I never answered or even addressed that question. The reason for that avoidance is called "Problem-Reaction-Solution".

My initial question and the follow-up answer to the question of "WHAT IS THE FIRST CODE OF A LOYAL OFFICER?" never referenced L. Ron Hubbard, the subject of Scientology, science fiction stories, space opera, auditing memories or even some hidden data line. It was a question posed by me, completely independent of any thinking process that might be associated with the significance of the question.

After Q&Aing, justifying and discrediting attempts, those personally involved in that thread came to the question of "What exactly is your reference for this?".

In order to ask that question, there must have been an assumption that my response to my own question, was based upon the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. I never made such reference, but that has nothing to do with the "Problem-Reaction-Solution" that was going on.

The 'problem' which needed to be solved by those involved was that both my question and my answer were dangerous. Why were they dangerous? They revealed a truth, and truth in some circles threatens the control and slavery which those very same people wish to exert on those around them.

According to this class of thetans who 'think' this way, truth must be, if not hidden, then tarnished in whatever way possible. Here is how it is done:

The "Problem": If there is no reference then what has been said is false, thereby exposing lies and deception. The 'problem' can then be considered to be: "How do we expose criminals?"
The "Reaction": "What exactly is your reference for this?" via 'public opinion'.
The "Solution": Rightly discrediting what has been said in rebuttal.

Why would someone ask for a reference to what is posted when there has been no indications made that the material written is in any way connected to the originally authored works of L. Ron Hubbard? The answer, of course is "Problem-Reaction-Solution".

Yes, some of the concepts presented were similar to those as presented by L. Ron Hubbard, but making the assertion that my written question, and answer, are based upon specific references of L. Ron Hubbard's material is ludicrous. What I wrote was 100% authored by me.

So, my answer to the question of "What exactly is your reference for this?" is this:

Who, exactly, made the mistaken assumption that what I wrote is a direct reference? There is no other reference than my own knowingness, and if that is not acceptable then you may say that the reference in question is my own imagination.

Whether the question I posed, or even the answer I gave, are either, or both, discarded with contempt, makes no difference to me. I am not winning over converts or adherents. I have no organization which is in competition with those few in the 'FreeZone' who make claim to it and the potential paying customers within it.

I've seen, over and over again, people in the 'FreeZone' communicate with each other using 'references' as a way of speaking with each other. Any time a reference is used, L. Ron Hubbard is doing the talking. When the subject of Scientology comes to be fully understood, you won't need L. Ron Hubbard to do your talking anymore. It is at that time that you will be doing the talking.

There is a point of using references in coming to learn the subject, there is nothing wrong with that at all. But when the desire to learn the subject comes to be overwhelming, all the while ethics responsibility is taking a back seat, then the thetan is using someone else's awareness as their own. Not good.

I use my own awareness to see what it is that I see. It is no secret that I gave ALL of my Scientology library, meter included, to Mike Hunsaker (who is currently aligned with one of Tommy Thompson's plethora of organizations). I do not and will not have a reference on the subject to give to anyone who asks or demands such.

I live by my knowingness. Does that mean that I know the details of the subject of Scientology inside and out? Not a chance. That is why LRH created the idea of auditors and auditing. It IS a well laid route OUT. Out of what? That is for you to discover. Personally, I do not have that need of discovery, but that is for me and takes nothing away from the subject itself.

One of the things that you will see so frequently in the 'FreeZone' is the lack of granting beingness. How is it that those who have allegedly 'gone' so far up the bridge, continue to exhibit a deficiency in the 'ability' to grant beingness to those around them, especially to their imagined enemies?

The reason for not granting beingness to another is the lack of granting beingness to ourselves. When you, yourself lack, you will find that lack in others. In order to 'gain' the ability to grant beingness to those around you, you must find come to understand your own spirituality.

You are not your body.

This concept is supposedly fully understood by many in the 'FreeZone', but it really doesn't matter what someone says. What matters is what someone does. Actions reflect the understanding within.

You will see some 'high ranking' 'FreeZoners', or 'Independents' talk ceaselessly about the many things that they have done while 'in' Scientology. These people will repeatedly bring up what they have done, how far they have 'gone' up the bridge, and how they are 'helping' tons and tons of people. They take pride in their 'contributions' to the subject of Scientology.

What these same people are telling you is that this lifetime is the most important lifetime to them. In other words, the body is much more important that the spiritual understanding of the subject of Scientology.

The body can, and does, do all sorts of wonderful things. But this has nothing to do, whatsoever, with the spiritual nature of Man.

If this lifetime is so important to the 'movers and shakers' of the 'FreeZone' you can be sure that the ideals being enforced have everything to do with this lifetime pleasure and rewards.

Unfortunately (at least for these people), spiritually, this lifetime is just a drop in the bucket. I'd much rather be taught by those who have gone way beyond the 'being the body' idea. I'd much rather be taught, whatever it is that I feel should be learned, by those whose 'reach' has extended w-a-y beyond the body concept.

So, you see, I don't have a Scientology library anymore. That is not to say that there is no need for ANY one to have a Scientology library. That would simple be untrue. We are all where we are.

For some, this lifetime is the most important thing. For others, the spirit is THE most important thing. And for still others, capturing and containing both of the previous is the most important thing.

What is the First Code of a Loyal Officer?

The answer is:


Above all else, honor your own integrity, not the integrity that others wish for you, but your own. You've heard it many times: "What is true for you, is true for you."

If it takes being a body for millions of years, that is ok. It doesn't matter. It does matter when you enforce your own ideas upon another. Amazingly, when you stop enforcing ideas on another, others stop to enforce their ideas on you.

Amazingly, when you grant beingness to others, others begin to grant beingness to you. The trick to keeping it that way, is to honor your own integrity above all else. Just because someone, especially in the 'FreeZone', comes along and says the words you want to hear, that doesn't mean that you should fall for it. Honoring your own integrity is doing what is right for you.

That's why you can't catch a criminal with an e-meter. For the criminal, it may be right to commit a crime. But for the criminal who disregards their own integrity and 'pretends' that they are not a criminal, it is an entirely different matter.

The same is true with those in the 'FreeZone' who say many, seemingly wonderful things, while at the same time, their actions belie the truth.

The truth is your own integrity. It could be said that that is all that you really have. When you throw it away, you throw away truth. When you throw away truth, you will come to find that it eludes your grasp when you begin to reach for it once again. This is why the spiritual technology of Scientology is so important. It helps you to attain the integrity and the truth of you, yourself.

There are a lot of people that blow off the subject of Scientology because of those others whose integrity have been compromised. The church behind the subject of Scientology is purely a facade. Recognizing this, use it as a stepping stone to ensure that your own integrity is never, ever compromised again. The same holds true with the 'FreeZone'.

Being a body with a this lifetime experience, is a wonderful thing, but that is purely for those who covet the physical universe. In order to regain the integrity of one's true spiritual nature, all you have to do stop listening to, and being a part of, those who continue to not honor their own personal integrity.

I have no concerns about where I will go or what I will do once this body lifetime reaches it's conclusion. My freedom has and continues to be assured. I can watch the fallacy of the 'FreeZone' reach it's fruition, or I can cut it to it's knees. I can watch this planet be overcome with selfish desire and greed or I can put an end to it. Just like you, I can honor my own personal integrity, or I can succumb to pain and sorrow.

The difference is that I know my future is assured. I have nothing to prove, no paying pc's to accumulate or 'system' of clearing to be made known. I have my own personal integrity.

Believe it or not, your own personal integrity will take you farther than you ever dreamed possible.

So the next time you hear something about me posing, and most likely answering, my own question, whether it has to do with Loyal Officers, UFOs, Xenu, Galactic Patrol or whatever, you will know that there are no references for what I say. And there will be NO references for what I do not say as well.

Gratefully, there are a few other souls on this planet that have similar 'weird' ideas as my own. 'Weird' only in relation in those things which are addressed which go beyond the normal namby-pamby stuff that you will hear about in the 'FreeZone'. The limitations of the 'FreeZone' are inherent in it's philosophy. There is no way out when the spiritual aspect of Man is denied.

There is life on other planets. The only way that you will ever recognize that fact is to acknowledge the life of your own. There is a spiritual world 'out there' but the only way to recognize that fact is to acknowledge your own spirituality. And it all starts with your own personal integrity.

All through the ages there have been bodies that have been tortured, burned, impaled, beheaded, confined, implanted, shocked and many, many other creative 'treatments', all in the name of destroying the personal integrity of the individuals who have 'inhabited' those bodies. How far will you go to ensure your own personal integrity?

How much would you be willing to endure before you decide to disregard your own personal integrity. How much would you be willing to accept what others say, in the name of 'restoring' that very same integrity.

No one can, or will, ever 'restore' the personal integrity that you 'gave away'. You must do that on your own.

Luckily, the true subject of Scientology, applied with the knowledge and understanding of what it really means, is there for the taking. It is there to help you in the goal of restoring your own personal integrity.

When your own personal integrity becomes fully restored, existence takes on new meaning. You will come to find that a lifetime, any lifetime, pales in comparison. Spiritual freedom is exactly what it says it is. Spiritual. Freedom.


Here is my original proposed question, and my answer to that question. Again, for the entire thread, see:

For those that look upon this as a nice science fiction story, enjoy the entertainment. For those who have an awareness of such things, perhaps you will notice more than just the imagery of words at play.

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2001 2:54 am
Poster: CitizenCain


I would like to ask you a question regarding the code of a Loyal Officer. This question is about the first item of that code. Code number one, being the most important one, is something that has been written in stone and has never, ever been altered and never will be altered. It is a code which new applicants are required to understand COMPLETELY and the process of that understanding can take anywhere from a few months, to many years. Some never complete that understanding and go on to lead other lives than that of a Loyal Officer and those lives are never looked upon with disrespect. But those that come to terms with the understanding of the first, and most important code of a Loyal Officer, never, ever become anything other than a true Loyal Officer.

Not ONE implanter or enslaver has EVER successfully completed the training involved in understanding the FIRST code of a Loyal Officer. Not one. As you can imagine, this first code is not something that will ever be forgotten, and it never is by a true officer. It MAY be covered over through various means, but the actions of the individual ALWAYS gives them away. A Loyal Officer, as you can imagine, has certain special qualities AND privileges. You see, no Loyal Officer would ever make a claim about themselves once they have an understanding of code number one.

The code is not a secret.

I ask you:


[in case the answer is picked up from within the vast body of scn data itself, my follow up question would be: what does the first code of a Loyal Officer mean to YOU.]

Here is my answer:

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2001 12:10 pm
Poster: CitizenCain



The Code of a Loyal Officer.

  1. To honor one's own integrity above all else.

This is an example of what it is NOT:

A being is only as valuable as they can serve others.

That statement has been lately used as a rallying call for implanters and enslavers. It has nothing, whatsoever to do with the Code of a Loyal Officer. In this case, "serve others" has been taken on to mean "enslavers". Particularily Markabians.

As a matter of fact, this one statement has been recently used as a key ingredient in implants designed to further the enslaver's dream of domination. There is a certain amount of consideration that should be addressed with this statement alone, but that is not for the moment.

What is for the moment is the first, and most important code of a Loyal Officer.

To honor one's own integrity above all else.

This is a code rich with definition and if addressed superfically, the resulting 'understanding' pales in comparison to it's underlying intent. As I had mentioned, months, if not years, are spent undergoing training to COMPLETELY understand, and to come to terms with, the intent being delivered by that code.

The phrase "one's own" applies not only to 'one's self' but also to the complete spectrum of the dynamic activity of life.

A code of "honor" is an honor to uphold.

With "integrity" all becomes whole.

"Above all else" places the cohesiveness of the dynamic activity of life above any single aspect alone.

A Loyal Officer knows that time holds no limitations, that space knows no bounds and that within those spheres of influence, there is NOTHING which will prevent him from doing his duty. You see, the first code is much more that just a code of conduct, it is an intentioned way of life. Through the successful understanding of what a Loyal Officer is, the officer accepts no other life in which to 'live'.

As I have mentioned, NOT ONE implanter or enslaver has EVER successfully completed the training involved with the FIRST code of a Loyal Officer. It is also true that NOT ONE Loyal Officer has EVER become an implanter or enslaver through the destructive means employed to bring that about. They all ultimately fail. Period.

You can certainly be a being who becomes valuable only when they can serve others as it is currently intended by domineering purposes or you can come to understand integrity and the honor with which it is to uphold that integrity. Not for the good of some specific 'others', but "above all else".

Now you know why Loyal Officers, when called for some specfic task, are left alone to complete that task. A Loyal Officer knows what he is doing and where it is that he is going. An enslaver or implanter, on the other hand, always require constant contact in order to keep their agendas "on track".

A Loyal Officer knows no bounds and yet is bound by something far greater. "Above all else" a Loyal Officer has the honor of performing his duty with integrity.

With the understanding of what it means to be a Loyal Officer comes the repsonsiblity to carry out that understanding. It's never failed.

Number two of the Code of a Loyal Officer has an interesting story of it's own. Perhaps you have heard of it? Number two was not as publicly known as number one, even though there was no effort to keep it 'hidden'. There was an event that ocurred some time ago, the end result of which brought number two out into full public view. This one too, is now written in stone but with a marked difference.

(or her)

Here is some additional information that I followed up with:

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2001 8:46 pm
Poster: CitizenCain

Just thought that I'd finish this up.

The Codes of a Loyal Officer, and the organization itself, have a very long history. There have been many changes within the organization itself, but when it comes to the codes, there is an entirely separate history that exists. Changes to the overall code are NOT looked upon with favor but eventually, every once in a great while, an alteration to the code survives it's obligatory scrutiny. Not so with code number two.

Code number two, previously existed in it's own right for quite some time, but made history by being the only code to ever successfully make it's way to 'set in stone' status, essentially overnight.

What event could possible have motivated the Loyal Officers to take the unheard of step of making such a radical change to code number two so quickly?

The Wall of Fire.

As a result, code number two became of prime importance, only superseded by the first code. This is code number two:

  1. There shall be no interference in the ways of Man.

But there is more to this story. Becoming set in stone, this code ALSO was altered in a very specific way. One single solitary line was placed through the middle of the entire sentence. One single line. In other words, code number two was revoked.

It was revoked as a remembrance of those who performed their duty during the Wall of Fire and it was revoked to honor those fellow officers who fell victim to that event.

Certain codes have been eliminated from the Code of a Loyal Officer before, but never has one been crossed off, and set in stone as a reminder. Now, there is no code number two, but code number two has much to say.

Perhaps in the future, code number two will be restored to it's original place. Perhaps not. In either case the message of today is clear. Perhaps in the future it will become even more clear.

There will be no other codes forthcoming.

There are so many wonderful things happening in the universe. Perhaps, in time, the reality of that wonder will come to be accepted. Perhaps, in time, enough attention will be freed off of Teegeeack to truly appreciate the depth and breath of what is 'out there'.

But even before that could ever happen, attention must first be freed off the individual self. The prison walls of flesh and bone can only contain the spirit as long as the spirit is willing. Personal integrity ensures the wholeness of that spirit and when that wholeness comes to be realized, freedom is no longer found at the threshold of desire, it becomes the spirit itself.

The idea of Loyal Officers is just an idea. The idea of your own spiritual nature is much more than just an idea. While it is true that it can be imagined while being within the flesh, it seems silly to imagine something as if you are not that already.

The poorest beggar of the land can hold the greatest spiritual key. The richest baron of the land can hold the greatest spiritual key. There is no difference. The only difference is the granting of beingness. You will never know what you have missed when you take away that granting of beingness.

A spiritual principal, as taught by another, has nothing to do whatsoever, with the body of it's originator. The lifestyle and means of living by those who pass on spiritual principals or teachings means nothing. Comparing a body's presentation to the spiritual principals being presented is quite erroneous, unless you are demonstrating that you are a body.

Spirit communes with spirit. The body communes with other bodies.

Know the difference and your spiritual freedom is that much more assured.

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