Into The Ocean Of Bliss

The word 'bliss' is such a funny word. Not only does it conjure up images of some enraptured state beyond the reach of mortal man, but it also connotates some wistful state of non-existence similar to a druggie's high.

The truth is that it really is like a druggie's high. Once a taste of it is achieved, you'll not only want more, but you'll want to remain there evermore.

States of being are like that.

But what happens when the bridge is crossed that leads to an area where there are no states of experience or being. It could be considered to be a pure 'nothing'. Perhaps it is this that the philosophy of Scientology tempts us to achieve.

A non-state of non-being.

Strange as it may seem, when it comes to the mind and it's attempts at clearly defining the above, it fails utterly. It not only fails utterly, but it tends to just sit there in a complete blank, emptiness.

The gauge of case could be related to the amount of time spent in that 'emptiness'. Mostly, an individual will shortly give up when no pictural experiences are coming their way, and start to force, or 'create' them to be. Some like soup, others like heaven. The choice is always ours and ours alone.

A caseless individual will seem quite strange to most people. What will be quite important to most, will be looked upon as an imnaginary tale, not only waiting to be told, but one that has already been told so frequently that the entire experience is better left for dead.

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