Free Zone: Sector News

Teegeeack seems to be having a bit of a rough time these recent days, but that is to be expected in the long range pursuit of freedom of choice. While in the theta universe, we already celebrate our victory, resting in the decisions that have been made by and for Teegeeack, in the physical, as always, change takes it's own turn in due course.

I have yet to see that due course ever come to be altered by those involved. That is not to say that it could not be, as in any game, alteration occurs. There are currently no signs of alteration taking place or even being considered.

There are a few various scenarios being undertaken by those involved, but this is to be expected, and to that end, a few counter measures have already been considered and implemented. Not all of these measures will bear fruit, as that is not their nature, at this time. Should it become necessary, that would certainly change.

Expect some holes in the road to be encountered as all of this plays out, but remember that these rough spots are merely circumstances being played out. It is not always advantageous to circumvent all scenarios in play. Some must reach fruition, even when they appear as a set back. Overall, Teegeeack is pretty well set and confidence as to it's sustained future is high.

Recommendation has been made to bring in the Second Corp for duties as assigned.

This is neither a long campaign or a difficult campaign as methods and opportunists are clearly defined. Again, some issues must remain as they are and these have been duly noted.

All Points as distributed, are at sufficiently desired levels. Recommendation has been made to open one port of entry on Teegeeack.

Combatant assets have been slightly realigned to some degree. The Second Corp, once implemented, should have little difficulty in achieving resolution of the particle entrapment that had been previously deployed by those involved. Areas with a high probability of sabotage are currently being mapped and will be dealt with by the Second Wave.

True victory, as always, will be fully celebrated as each and every individual of Teegeeack comes to recognize the nature of their Freedom. As that course is now set, attention is now beginning to be directed to other areas.

May the Freedom we cherish be the Freedom of all.
By choice we have come. By choice we take our leave.
By choice, Freedom is gained. By choice Freedom is surrendered.
By choice we make our choice, and live to tell the tale.

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