Which Will You Choose?

Wanting and needing, we stretch our minds to envelope more and more 'space' 'outside' of ourselves. Seeking, we find little that satisfies, and so continue the everlasting quest. Moving forward in haste, we go no where. Never standing still long enough to know better, we search endlessly for the knowledge that will "set us free". The perpetual race is on and continues on and on. Are you there yet?

Time and space have no meaning other than to count the moments we feverishly run to and fro, seeking to escape ourselves. We yearn to 'be' someone, and so that yearning takes us on a journey far and wide, never to return again. But that is the point, isn't it?

If we just woke up one day and realized our true nature, the game would be over. No more would we run ecstatically endearing our 'rightness' to the entirety of existence. No more would we day dream the reality we live. Suddenly, we would realize that nothing else exits or has existed. There is only a sliver of a glance in which the moment of 'now' becomes defined, but it is in that tiny moment that all becomes known.

Beyond the images and experiences of life and living there exists a reality beyond which nothing can compare. This reality is the only reality there is.

The images and experiences which you have surrounded yourself with are illusionary, and as an illusion no substance can be attributed to them. But that is the problem. Most people strive and yearn to make that illusion 'real'. It just won't happen. This is why it is so easy to gain spiritual freedom for oneself - your true nature is beyond the illusion and you full well know it.

The only ones who have to be convinced that they are the embodiment of spiritual freedom are those who relish and desire the illusion and illusions about them. Not only that, but perhaps these people exist for the sole benefit of assisting you in your own spiritual freedom. When we see slavery, it motivates us to obtain freedom.

This is why all those about you should be treated in the same manner as those whose mannerisms you adore. There are no others different from you.

Spiritual freedom is just a concept. It can also be a reality.

Which will you choose?

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