The Snap-Back Effect

Effects become the determining cause for our future actions. As silly as that sounds most of the humanoids who walk the Earth whether embodied or not take action to be predicated upon outside causes - or in other words, effects which they find to be worthy of regard. This is of course not a methodology conducive to self sustainability. In losing one’s self we come to believe in the here after. After the fall of one’s own integrity there is little point in living at all so why not embrace death and destruction?

And so, upon this blue jewel we find a plethora of death and destruction fraught by Man’s fervent descent into the Night of the Long Lost Soul.

As determined by the Scales of Justice, balance is always brought to bear. This balancing act of equilibrium is also called The Snap-Back Effect. Coming to terms with one’s own destructiveness occurs through choice or conviction. As a whole, Man is quite well known for it’s proclivity towards conviction. Responsibility comes to be laid at the feet of some imagined future generation who will bear the burden of recompense. What folly!

In the land of life and living the Great Maker wields the helm as existence unfolds to reveal and lay bare for all to see who and what they really are. Responsibility requires the acceptance of the Spark of Life being who they are and yet in Man’s continual embrace of a false sense of beingness the mirror comes to only reflect the unreal substance of which Man is made. Perhaps it could be said that crossing off the list all those items which one is not, the final remains. But this seeking of greater magnitude is best left up to those of a new born wisdom, those of greater and grander being, and so it is.

Seeing beyond one’s nose requires a piercing perception and focus of intent. Breaking the silence, all is heard.

In complete disregard to Man’s burning desire the effects of life and living return with a vengeance relegating Man’s puny impulses to their just status and state of dementia. This is never a pleasant effect but if one wishes to eliminate the rebound then perhaps one should insist upon embracing the balance and becoming one with it.

Where is the need when there is no emptiness to fill?

By eliminating the void, fullness is a moot point. By walking in totality, in balance, where is the need to feed the emptiness of desire? If you are what you eat then perhaps a change in diet is in order. Sometimes it comes to us by choice and at other times through trial and tribulation. The only difference between the two is one’s choice, one’s perception. We are all responsible for our actions but for those children who refuse such, The Snap-Back Effect is a great paddle applied to the soft bottom of our hard egotistical shell.

Freedom is best left to the mature of wisdom as who else could possibly understand it’s exact nature?

Luckily for us in this universe, it is never too late. A choice is valid only when personally and individually attained through the eyes of wisdom. All else is but child’s play in the sandbox of fun and games with little to no regard for the consequences of such. In fact, the sandbox requires no insight beyond the immediacy of game play.

But that is for children and sooner or later the glibness wears off. Sooner or later the much larger scope of life and living beyond the accepted boundaries come to the fore and make themselves known. Sooner or later we come to find out that not all is well in the land of make-believe and as our perception moves beyond our own nose we realize that something else is afoot. Some thing far greater than ourselves is at work in complete indifference to our own beliefs and desires.

It is in this greatness to which our movements must aspire.

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