Littering The Streets With Corpses

They already are and for those of unbridled sight the obvious becomes a moot point. What is, is. It's not a matter of belief but purely a matter of seeing. Observing the obvious becomes obnosis, the action or ability of seeing reality for what it is not for what it is served up or presented as being. It's not a matter of pulling aside the curtain to peek behind the veil, rather it is one of being rooted in the knowledge that form and event are what they are, not what we may think them to be. Taking the personality out of the equation resolves the riddle of life and living. This then, is the form and purpose of resolving one's being, of removing the veil of our own thoughts, ideas and concepts which we grandly bestow upon reality thus giving it appearance and plan.

Mankind seems to be forever at war with it's own nature as can be easily seen it it's barbaric display of contrary notions. The ideology of our own demise is the one which we take on as our very own. Captivated and enslaved we create the plantation upon which we live and work. Our life's purpose and plan come to naught as we enslave our minds to do the master's biding. Creating a slave is easy when the canvas is formed out from selfish desires. In the quest for dominion, these desires allow anyone to paint upon us as they will - and there are no shortages of such artists.

But the lone Man, the one who remains in full knowledge of the nature and purpose of desire is but the candle in the darkness, lighting the way for the lost, dazed and confused. In resolving desire we find that the obvious becomes a moot point because what is, is. What is there then to see when clarity brings insight to every perception? Where desire requires action to further the means towards goal achievement, the elimination of such brings the understanding that all are related. In understanding the totality of unencumbered sight wisdom takes hold and from this new found reference action and inaction are but the scales of movement which no longer become a necessity from which our point of reference need be bound. The Universe dances in delight to wisdom yet the slow beat of knowledge drags it's holder to the depths of action and inaction where such conflict may best be used to the owner's benefit. We tend to embrace our lot in life despite the appearance of our rebelliousness, otherwise it would be different.

Facing and coming to know exactly who or what we really are requires nothing but a bit of obnosis. It's really very simple. Instead of seeing our beliefs perhaps it is time to see past them into a reality which exists whether we like it or not. To see this reality requires that we take our own personal traits and characteristics out of the picture. When we overlay ourselves upon our perception all that we will see is ourselves. When the center of our being remains rooted and unmoved, perception takes on a completely new form - it's true form. In such viewing there are no secrets, no hidden motives, agendas or misdirections. What is becomes a recognizable fact.

What one then does with that fact is another story entirely.

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