Enlightenment On A Dime

Going cheap we get cheap. In our quest for always low prices our capitalistic tendencies get the better of us by enticing the money in our pocket to be forthcoming. Public institutionalized schooling has taught us well - to be good little robots while we waste our lives feeding from the trough of life and living as provided for us by those who have our best interests in mind. Yes, the powers that be are always right would never entertain the slightest idea of doing another harm. In the agony of defeat the spoils of war are ever just beyond our grasp which of course simply encourages us to seek and to find other ways and means to climb the food chain yet again in the continuing thirst for stature and status.

We are what we eat.

That which one focuses the mind upon is that which entertains us and keeps us at bay. Keeping the pack in check is tantamount in importance otherwise all hell may break loose and the House of Cards just may come to naught. Terrorized in our own standing our robotic nature redeems itself by becoming all that is. It is, after all, a nature bought and paid for by those who "know best".

Strange it is that those who lack wisdom profess intelligence the most. As the data collections spin endlessly in our heads, reports and statistics are spewed out forever more. Bombarded on all sides by the one side, we become overwhelmed in our deceit and thereby lack the conviction to do anything about any thing. Gazing at the stars, we blink.

In the quest for physical ownership we give away our inheritance, the rights and privileges of being. We have become and in so doing the assembly line looks like a wonderful job to have. I wonder what's on TV tonight?

Questing for power is best left to those who have the power to take action. As for the rest, apathy is on the menu in perpetuity. Between the two tales of woe and concern nothing takes place. In life we take life and give nothing in return. It is indeed a parasitic nature we embrace and nurture. This alone should be enough for one to conclude that our concepts, thoughts and ideas are but the playground of our own deepest and darkest desires. Feeding upon our own torment the mind creates problems for the pure entertainment of resolving them. What perplexity!

In becoming part of life and living we pierce ourselves through pain and sorrow as a reminder that not all is parasitic in nature.

Gazing upon the stars it can be seen that the sparks of life reign not just in the heavens, but upon all whether above or below. The spark of life is none but your true nature. Ignoring this results in nothing but being entertained by the temptations of the mind. Thoughts, ideas and concepts have no bearing upon the enlightened and exist solely for those who have already turned away from Source to look elsewhere. To look elsewhere is to create a reality that exists only through the mechanized machinery of the mind. In this false sense of life and living there are endless plays in which to become enraptured and no short supply of those who endeavor to prolong and extend the actors movement upon the stage.

In gaining a more endearing physical life we lose the wisdom to which we are already bound.

Do you not see this?

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