Finding Reality

In order to full understand what is going on in the Universe one must fully understand one's self. I know that this can sound pretty goofy, but according to the popular belief systems at play here on planet Earth people must read and be taught what is real and what is false. This is, in fact, a good definition of what is goofy. Understanding, and more importantly, wisdom, can and is only achieved through self revelation.

No matter the crazy stories one encounters the mind of Man is already extant. In viewing a reality based upon our own assumptions we come to believe. Belief is NOT knowledge but merely an idea and since we currently live in the time of ideas we tend to find those of like mind with which to compare notes.

Nothing is true unless and until one attains an inner understanding of same. All the data and information in the world will do little to sway a mind already firmly fixated. All that can be done, and rightfully so, is to provide data and information as pointers, to encourage others to examine their own thoughts, ideas and concepts in order to distinguish reality from man-made imagination.

For some, truth is working at a job five days a week, enjoying fine restaurants and watching the sports networks while sipping a brew. For others, truth is what lies beyond the mind's tricks and traps. It's just a matter of reality - whether perceived or factual.

A perceived reality is the one designed for slaves by self-appointed Masters while the factual one is always at hand waiting for the discerning eye of insight to turn its light upon it.

Knowledge of what exists above and beyond this planet can come from outside sources but nothing can compare to one's own insight. That insight should be the focus of our attention, not on what is believed to be true based upon what another may say or do.

If it is not true for you, it is not true. One can try and believe, but it is merely wish-full thinking. The goal should be one of wisdom attainment and no matter the subject matter that goal should be kept firmly in mind.

Yes, it is true that a federation of not just planets but star systems, exist. Yes, it is true that outside forces both benevolent and malevolent have their eye and hands on this planet. Yes, it is true that this planet is in many ways a prison planet. Yes, it is true that...

It's more than just connecting the dots and following the money trail, it's about making and taking the leap into the great unknown called Self.

There are a lot of pointers out there to be had, to be used as a way of following the trail to self revelation. There are many, many aspects to events and experiences which are purpose-fully and consciously created in order to further that trail. It's not the pretty pictures, it's the message behind the meaning. Try telling that to a sports nut, a conspiracy advocate or a politician!

Science fiction is a great analogy especially considering the state of affairs on this planet today. People being used for mind control, the chemical spraying of an unsuspecting populous, propaganda of a utopian existence, wanton death and destruction by both governments, corporations and individuals, the indoctrination of children in public schools, a body-oriented fixated mind set, profit-driven society, the list goes on and on like a scary sci-fi made-for-tv movie. Who in their right mind could or would conjure up such despicable acts?

In light of the proceeding paragraph is it any wonder that one would wish for help from beyond the insane asylum? The nature of Man is not one of death and destruction and there are some civilizations in this Universe which are a testament to that. Just because help is not apparent does not mean that it is non-existent.

Lastly, before this dead horse gets beaten any further:

You get what you put your attention on. If all of the trials and tribulations which one endures on this planet becomes the central focus of one's attention then that is the reality which one comes to live and abide in. Uncovering the tracks of one's demise is a useful tool, but that is not the end of it at all, it must be taken to it's ultimate conclusion.

That is where attention must come to be focused, the ultimate goal of a world where people do not hate each other as a precept, where the conflict of war is unimaginable, where personal profit is a strange and twisted idea best left to the insane, where ideology is understood to be just some crazy idea that someone came up with, where respect for the nature of Man is recognized, where work is replaced by the expression of one's own inner understanding of their place in the Universe, where one cares for others in the same way that one cares for self, where wisdom is honored far above data and information. This list can go on and on but perhaps the point has been made.

The point here is to find your own reality, your own true reality. Not the reality of others but your own personal and up-close reality which requires no substance, proof or conviction. When that happens the Universe becomes a much, much different place.1

  1. Note: I posted this elsewhere in response to something I stumbled across and figured it should be included here. 

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