To Infinity... And Beyond

The Eighth Dynamic or Infinity is the highest Dynamic of Life and Living in the physical universe. This dynamic is quite an interesting one in that many Scientologists take it to mean that they become or evolve into God with a capital ‘G’. Socially, these Scientologists become believers of the idea that when the Eighth Dynamic has been ascended they will become not a god but the God of the universe where all will bow before them including the Universe itself.

How grand!

In this selfish endeavor of becoming all-mighty the social Scientologist fails to understand that they have never left the First Dynamic, that egotistical, self-righteous entity known as ‘me’. This failing of great magnitude prevents the social Scientologist from seeing that their own private view of the Universe is nothing short of a slice of life and living custom made for their personal pleasure. And that is what it comes down to - personal pleasure. The pleasure of the dementia of introverted attention.

Make no mistake as there certainly is a God of this and all other Universes. This infinite Dynamic lies beyond the reach and grasp of all the other Dynamics and that, in itself, reveals the common Man’s error. Looking through the thoughts, ideas and concepts of the First Dynamic how can it ever be possible to attain the sight of a reality which is leaps and bounds beyond it? How can a social Scientologist ever leave the life raft of like-mindedness and jump head first into the vast and great unknown? This fear of losing one’s egotistical clothing keeps many firmly seated in the life raft, bobbing and weaving to and fro as the currents come to define their life existence.

How is one to come to fully realize what infinity means? Do we cogitate and endlessly wonder about possibilities or do we leave these childhood pursuits behind and come to grasp a more mature wisdom-centered approach?

The Universe dances to a beat and when we take for ourselves the role of it’s Master who do we fool? In accepting our small insignificant nature as compared to the infinite do we then rebel and seek dominion? Dominion of what? Are we simply seeking to overcome our own thoughts, ideas and concepts in order to be free of them? How is it that we encumber ourselves and yet refuse to accept the responsibility of such?

When the God of our making becomes a object of desire we have already lost the higher Dynamics. It clearly demonstrates nothing but our First Dynamic affliction where our troubles is all that really matters, next to the escape of the same. As we tread the Hamster Wheel of Life and Living we travel great distances and yet go no-where, never arriving at that which we have clearly in mind. In this internal struggle of life and death our field of play becomes apparent along with the scope of our effect. We are the gods of our own universe and in this introverted creation we come to learn about nothing but ourselves. The First Dynamic is a limited Dynamic and that limitation is what the Dynamic teaches us - when we are ready to learn. Our limitation derives from the conviction of our own existence, of being the center of our universe.

Can it get any clearer than that? When all revolves around our mind-view or viewpoint then we are the First Dynamic. All the other Dynamics merely become objects of desire and through this objectification we create but another field of play while going no-where and doing no-thing.

Infinite possibilities abound in this Universe of pain and pleasure but that is not the way of the Warrior, of the conquerer of self-delusion. In limitation we find lack. In infinite possibilities we find infinitude. When we remove the lack our gain becomes unmeasurable as it is then that we leave behind the toys of our childhood and begin to realize that the wonder of it all is nothing like the reality that is.

In leaving the First Dynamic whether through conquest or conviction we pass the test of strength. However difficult it is to achieve it’s release is the measure of the strength of it’s creation, of your creation. A social Scientologist will not let go their ideals, their hopes and dreams of the future as this runs contrary to limitation, to the fixed existence of being a God. When it all becomes no more about you then let me be the first to congratulate ‘you’.

May your infinitude be blessed by your acceptance.

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