Carrying The Yolk Of Freedom

Heavy is the burden we bear. From unwanted thoughts and feelings to sorrowful experiential encounters, we play out the gamut of our lives in states of being. Being this or that way with our out-look, we create scenarios where desire moves to the point of redemption. We try to save ourselves from our selves through the obvious pointers of life and living.

Life is full and complete as life is supposed to be it's own reward but in reality our own personal theatrical play is but for our own amusement. Staging the play and generously funding it's demonstration, we sit back and reap the benefits.

But what, exactly, are these 'benefits' that we gain? What is the purpose of gazing into the mirror and becoming thus absorbed?

Perhaps, that is the reason. To be absorbed.

Coming home again is like never leaving and this truth is certainly so. But since the cause and effect of our leaving in the first place creates our future, to what ends to we embrace the consequences with such glee? Do we really fool our selves into believing that we leave home in the first place? How can one be something other than what one already is?

Dressing our selves up for the stage, the show must go on and as we play out our part and parts eventually, the curtain falls. An enjoyable experience wishes the curtain to remain high and mighty while through pain and sorrow we wish it's descent upon us to close the day and be done with it. From the actor's point of view life is short no matter what route is taken.

Do we find, in limitation, being? Being one thing or another creates it's own sense of characteristics and traits which is foisted upon the universe at large. "Look at me! I'm an Actor!"

Freedom is such a bear to carry especially since we already know it's truth and yet hide it in our pocket pretending it's non-existence.

So the bottom line is, obviously, that we already are what we aspire to. Holding the chains of our bonds close in a near and dear relationship does not diminish the fact that the keys needed for release are already in our possession. Carrying the burden of freedom we endure slavery.

One simply cannot endure freedom so what other choice do we have?

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