Galactic Patronization

Exploring the never ending worlds of conquest and dominion one will eventually rise above these 'local' problems and reach a state of expanded awareness. But what is this expanded awareness of and what does it entail?

Man, being defined as that societal body of like-minded souls who have come together in an attempt to resolve problems of magnitude, endures an existence in the dichotomy of pain and sorrow, joy and happiness. Swinging both ways Man is certainly unstable and for the lack of answers, comes up with numerous creative ways of 'staying alive'. By this is meant the process of experience.

In the attempt of problem resolution all sorts of process, procedures and ways of life are undertaken. Man seeks and so becomes the victim of it's own demise but this demise is already built in as the mechanism reveals the destruction which must come from within. It is the same self-destructive mechanism that has created the Urge of Man to begin with. What is this 'urge'? It is the desire to be free of something, to be rid of a weight which is carried in perpetuity so as to reign in or restrict the spark of awareness called 'being'.

This weight can be considered to come in the form of a duality of a problem-solution. The solution comes to be implanted with force which thereby evinces the problem. You see, 'problem' is secondary to 'solution'. Every solution necessitates a cause, a beginning. Working backwards, the 'problems' becomes apparent. In so acknowledging the 'problem', the 'solution' is pushed out into time in order that action may be undertaken.

One cannot create a 'problem' without the boundaries of 'solution' already extant. The focus of attention can be placed any-where and at any-time one so wishes. The process of placing attention subjects one to the law of cause and effect. In the creation of the 'problem' of cause and effect the solution is superior to it. Since action cannot be full-filled with cause and effect, this solution is undesirable. This leaves us with the field of play upon which Man undertakes action and reaction.

The play of games is a good analogy. The field of play is the game board, the pieces, Man. Rules and regulations providing means of play are ascribed to that which contains a higher awareness. Since being and beingness falls below this threshold perhaps we could call it awareness of awareness. This concept describes that which lies beyond concepts so it obviously can be quite difficult to contain it's understanding within the parameters at play. The parameters of play do not encompass higher orders of magnitude, only those which specifically apply to it. In this constriction, bounds and limitations ensure fair play.

But how does fair play weigh in with free will? Does not the player of games have the ability to change the rules, to play 'differently'?

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