Waking Up In A Bed Of Roses

Looking and searching is part and parcel of living the life of hopes and dreams. Evermore on the quest of enlightenment we tend to seek out those of like mind. In this devious play of conquest, we can be assured that our victory will not elude us, our triumph over thoughts, words and deeds will come to be full-filled. Rising above the roost, we tend to think that we will break free and yet all that we are really doing is just playing out another version of “Kill the Beast”. By any other name we call ourselves “Joe” or “Sally” but in this egotistical game of one-upmanship, our own urgings and selfish desires are the Beast.

In seeking what we are really doing we are simply finding a way for our own selfish desires to become manifest while at the same time pretending to be free of them. Peace comes from within and yet in the great Quest of Attainment we relish the desire to seek and overcome, to gain and hold that which we yearn for. Driving us mad our desires make us mad and in this insane pursuit of happiness we have not the slightest idea of what happiness really is.

Through our thoughts our desires become real and once they attain a sense of reality off we go into the wild and crazy world of doing. Doing this and that we endeavor to full-fill the promise of glory, of attainment, conquest and victory. How can Man ever attain that which emanates from His own mind? Looking in the mirror at a false sense of reality how can one ever grasp the image, to have and to hold that which is a product of one’s own imagination.

In this day and age of mental constructs, all that is left is the conquest of mental capacities and the limiting of such in others. Dominion continues to carry the day.

Dominion continues to carry the day.

Let’s face it, our quest for spirituality is simply a ruse to win the game. In such winning we believe that our worth will exceed our expectations and place upon others the “proper” and “true” version of reality - our reality. In this Universe the perceived ‘victor’ is the one whose mental constructs win over all others. In this fallacy of great demise who is fooling who? When we play the game, either through knowledge or sleight of hand, we grant beingness to those whose dominion overshadows our own little corner of the Universe.

In this game of Surivial of the Fittest only the meanest and most deranged player will win. This is not a game where the victor is applauded with honers after which the contestants go about their merry way - far from it. This is a game of dominion and where cancer spreads, where Darkness falls upon the land, there is no going back. In such mental acquisition reality is the Darkness.

There is quite a game afoot in this Universe of long-regret. This is where the past comes alive and the future is only dreamed about. The present is always to be avoided at any and all costs. Seeing is not dreaming and per the rules of the road when one awakes one becomes a very dangerous player who has not the slightest regard for rules, regulations and proper subservience to the Masters.

The perception is that ‘dangerous’ is one who attains greater power than others in the same field of play - this is simply not so. This would be just another player playing out their version of dominion, of domination and control. In fact, the most dangerous one is the one who finds that still small voice, that sliver of peace within and expands it’s exhibition into a totality.

This my friend, is the reality beyond adolescent games of competition and survival. In killing the Beast, in rising above desires, games and what-have-you, we not only become free, we are.

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