Locusts in Play

Scouring the landscape, locusts devour all in their path.

A Plan For All Reasons

In preparation for locusts to be let loose upon the land seeds must be sown. These seeds take the form of subversion, diversion and destruction. Laying the groundwork requires but the following of tried and true convictions, of policies and procedures created in order to bring about a satiation of the lust for greed. (Of course the perpetual motion machine of greed and it's consequences is completely missed.)

Indigenous peoples tend to have great respect for their surroundings and come to find that the best way to live their lives in their surroundings is to live in harmony with it. There is an understanding that they are but a small part of the universe and carry a great responsibility of ensuring that living in harmony with the universe requires something of them, something much greater than they themselves.

In order to begin the slide into destruction, these peoples must but brutally sacrificed. Wanton death and destruction, first against their person, and then against that which they are the caretakers, helps to instill the sliver of doubt which is used for further transgressions against their tribes and associations.

In shaking up their outlook or world-view, the local inhabitants will slowly begin a descent into pliability and indoctrination leaving behind, through force if necessary, past attachments destroying the very foundation of beliefs and customs. In removing customs and ceremonies, relationships and respect, in other words, in removing all foundational convictions the individuals become just that - individuals who wander the Earth looking for safety and a freedom which is to remain always just out of reach. As a canine is led to where the Master wields the leash so too are the peoples led to their surrender. This surrender is not just in a physical sense, but a spiritual one as well. Giving up, the individual loses any sense of self respect and seeks only to please those who wield the Leash of Release.

This scenario or plan of local destruction is not an easy or pleasant one to come to terms with. Any sane person would find it abhorrent to actively seek out a planet's subjugation and eventual destruction. But we are not referring to the sane, only to the insane in these matters.

There are many civilizations in this universe. Among the plethora of worlds and systems, galaxies and associations numerous civilizations have both come and gone, advanced and diminished with some enduring while others disappeared. This is in the normal progression of life and living upon this Universe.

In this progression there comes, at times, those who would rise above all others in dominion and conquest seeking to rule through power and destruction. Unfortunately this can always be viewed as being commonplace as the past comes alive with examples and demonstrations of this. But like all roads, these too come to an end. That end, in many respects, is upon us here and now.

Those civilizations which evolved into harmonious relationships with the Universe at large have not always endured but out of such experiences what has endured is the continued foundational progression of similarly construed civilizations. Passing the torch Man does indeed evolve.

What also evolves is the pendulum in it's opposite position and between the parameters of right and wrong lies harmony. Harmony does not entail embrace or avoidance, progression or destruction, what it does entail is the understanding that one is part and parcel of the Universe and as being in such a relationship a great responsibility, with full knowledge, is accepted and understood. Further, this responsibility is carried out and becomes a complete part of life and living. This outlook of great perception takes the wide and long view of the unfolding of the experiential road called the Universe.

In seeking, we create the opening for pain and sorrow to roost. In so inviting the devil into our home we become consumed with desire. Through goals and purposes, plans and convictions life becomes something very different. It becomes a playground of energy, of effort and striving. This trial of tribulation come to be endured as we come to play out our parts in the play of life. Forgetting our selves we join the circus for fun and profit.

In this performance, in the tent called Our Universe, the actors play out their parts. How does one tell the audience that the play is not real, that their entertainment is hollow at best and destructive at worst? How does one tell another that they are the cause of their tribulations, that the world is as it is because they have made it so?

Killing the messenger does nothing to avoid the message. Wiping the local inhabitants off the face of the planet does nothing to stem the flow of spiritual endeavors. One can only hope to prolong their life experience but in fact, when the clock ticks it's time, all bow to it. There is no choice what-so-ever.

It is in this slice of life that death and destruction run rampant. It is in this slice of torment that Man ekes out an existence hoping that something will come of it. Killing the messenger makes the message that much stronger. What is feared will only chase one with even more zest.

Surviving the Holocaust

Those indigenous peoples that have survived their test of faith have always risen to greater heights of harmony with the Universe and beyond. Those peoples who have remained true to their spiritual nature have always endured. Nothing can be taken away from one other than that which one freely gives. When the peoples give their freedom, their spiritual freedom to the cancer of darkness, sickness always prevails but when nothing is given and nothing is taken away one's spiritual freedom remains unmoved and unmoveable. That is the test of faith, the measure of Man. When conviction crosses over into reality there comes to be a harmony which wisdom and understanding fully embrace.

It is from this wisdom and understanding that future action is predicated, must be predicated. Only from this reality can right action be undertaken and wrong action left to rot in the test of time. And perhaps, just perhaps, the Universe will recoil with glee in that another soul has made it out alive.

If you really want to make a different go ahead and change your self and if this change is real, all will be changed forever.

Bodies may come and go, 'resources' used and abused but the one thing which remains above all else is the one who perceives what is and is not 'wrong' with the Universe, what is and is not 'right' with the Universe. This one thing is what has and will guide one's journey upon the Land of Life and Living. To what end only at the end can one truly know.

So why wait for the inevitable when you already have all the tools you will ever need at your disposal right here and right now. When one waits for the permission which will never come from those who hold the leash for release, then one will simply be waiting for Hell to freeze over.

Where there is but one candle in the darkness, there is Light.

Don't look for the candle, be the candle so that others might live.

Struggling To Live

One does not rise above the rest of the pack to entertain ideas of greatness and prominence. Where one seeks greatness there lies greed. The Records of Time are full of prospects and in further reading one discovers the thread of distinction - the enduring fall from grace. One does not fall from grace but simply from their own pedestal of ignorance. In building up an egotistical greatness one is assured of a long and tumultuous fall back into the darkness called ignorance.

The only sure path to bringing balance to bear is to open the door and invite it into one's home. Embracing wisdom requires that one take leave of ignorance. All that one believes to be true, is not. All that is true, is. Knowing and understanding the difference requires that we let go of greed, of our own sense of self-righteousness in order to free ourselves from the chains of our convictions.

In a faith so tested, Man comes to know. Chasing the dreams of thoughts, ideas and concepts sets us upon the road of ill-repute, of a road that never ends in it's display of misery and unhappiness. Where one is in harmony with the environment one loses the sense of egotistical baby-sitting, of nurturing the poor defenseless spoiled child of our dreams. Growing up can be hard to do but do it we must otherwise we are doomed to live and die in perpetual agony, an agony of our own making.

That which we fight, we invite. That which we fear, we embrace.

Is the purpose of life simply to play out the role of fight, flight and continuous action? In these repeated patterns we may find an existence of comfort, of knowing and expecting our actions and reactions and taking pride in them but what kind of life would this be where our nature takes a back seat to lust and desire? Are we so down and out that the only comfort we find is in self-destruction and perhaps even failing at that, the destruction of others through our newly acquired (false) sense of how things are accomplished in this world?

Taking on the qualities of the Masters who hold the leash will save no one. In such acceptance one freely gives away their freedom for a false sense of security - a security which was previously given away. How much must one give away before one realizes that these items of greed and power have nothing to do with one's balance in the Universe, of Man's relation to all.

There is no such thing as security and there is no such thing as comfort.

One can search high and low for these items and yet still come up empty-handed. Where there is a desire for security, none exists. Where there is a desire for comfort, none exists. In the search for these desires it comes to be established that one is destitute and dying. How so easy it is to give away one's freedom, one's being!

But it is not easy.

In order to subjugate a spiritual people they must first be brought down to the physical for it is there that the battle is being waged. But this battle is a secondary one in that a spiritual people must first come to be at odds with themselves before their fall from grace can happen. To be at odds with one's self is to be at odds with all. In this dis-harmonious state of being the Fall occurs with little regard. To fall is to be fallen.

So why not give that up too?

Where there is an embrace of being the door-mat, shoes come looking for a good time. There is no need to put up a sign that reads "Hey! I am a door-mat please use and abuse me to no end!" All will already know quite well how to treat such embraces of life and living.

Rolling The Presses

Many people are tempted to shout from the rooftops "I am free and I'm not going to take it any longer!" But this is not freedom, only a false sense of it. The one who is free is the one who has no need to declare their own beingness for they already know that they are. In this recognition of great magnitude harmony, or being at one with the Universe, is a self-evident truth. How is it that so many others actively seek it's dismissal?

The only sure way to let the Universe know that you are here is to be here. When that happens the Universe dances with delight and nothing is ever the same.

Thank goodness for freedom of choice!

We all have the choice to be tested - or not, to be free - or not, to live in harmony with all - or to die trying. Choice is what makes life interesting for everything that we do creates the life we lead. If one's life is unhappy and full of pain and sorrow then go ahead - stop creating it to be as such. Laying the ill effects of our actions upon the Master of the Leash will do nothing but ensure that one continues to dance the monkey dance as the music of deception dances it's beat.

What song would you rather hear?

And that is the process of shouting from the rooftops. Instead of the outward thrust of conviction one listens with the intent of something important being relayed. Can you not hear it now? If you can't, just be quiet a moment. Your own existence defines it's nature.

Now that is something you don't hear every day!

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