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So, What's It Gonna Be?

I like those things which can only be found off the beaten path of a normalcy rooted in deception. I don’t buy the American Dream, not by a long shot. If ever there was a case that demonstrated a being giving away their existence in order to… 25 Apr 2016

Love, War And Then...

Humanity has this compulsion to always be right, to assume victory even through ill-gotten gains in which case ‘victory’ becomes nothing but a redefinition of someone’s personal hell. Speaking of which, it is through those doors that for some… 25 Apr 2016

Taking The Last Train To Clarkville

Sometimes it can be a difficult process to convert a conceptual understanding into plain-text language so that the recipient can connect the dots in order to comprehend that which is given. This is quite the flawed process and only exists to… 07 Aug 2013

Locusts in Play

Scouring the landscape, locusts devour all in their path. .. 31 Mar 2008

Country, What Country?

Forum: Deception & Control Let me get this straight:.. 20 Jul 2005

Forum: Deception And Control

It’s been made clear that this site deals in directness. This also means that endless reasons, explanations, justifications and “why’s” mean diddly-squat. If one cannot or will not use one’s ability to peek behind the veil then of course,… 08 Apr 2005

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