Love, War And Then...

Humanity has this compulsion to always be right, to assume victory even through ill-gotten gains in which case 'victory' becomes nothing but a redefinition of someone's personal hell. Speaking of which, it is through those doors that for some reason or another I find myself walking - living in someone else's nightmare of existence.

I've been around the block a few times, I know one or two things about the way of eternity. Yes, the way. Sometimes, in trudging through the depths of dark alleys and the breath of shadows I 'accidentally' encounter certain beings manifesting particular characteristics which wend their way into a future already past.

It can sound like a jumbled morass of twisted and demented mental fabrications with which to entertain one's self but I can assure you that it is indeed so. Take it as you will.

Compassion requires a conscience with which to weigh and balance, effecting an equilibrium. Or so I have been told but hearing little voices in one's head does not bode well for the intellect. Therefore when one weighs and balances the environment equilibrium takes place as if by magic behind the veil of darkness, levers, switches and all. Dorothy doesn't live in the Land but she does walk through it.

I've never liked that movie. But that doesn't mean that I don't like this one. But I'm almost there.

We all make and take our own decisions and so I do not 'trust' those who pretend that the land of Oz is alive and well and that Dorothy is just another way of saying their own name which by the way they can no longer remember anyway. Time is like that, a friend to some and a memory wipe to others.

If the only way to win is not to play does that make you the referee, the 'innocent' bystander pouring love and devotion into the game and yet pretending to be off into the distance upon the bleachers watching and chuckling as the little specks of motion run around in a crazed frenzy so as to eventually accomplish nothing but movement itself.

It's the old, old trick of being there in full emptiness. How can it be the Big Empty when you are there in full dress?

Anyway, as I've always said if you can't win then you just aren't being deceitful enough. Me, I like to pretend that I'm a nobody and then when no one is looking I sneak up on them and say "Boo!". I love the effects of deception, don't you? It startles the hell out of people. Sometimes it's the only time that they really come alive, those Kodak moments are priceless!1

So where is this all going, you ask.

What? I can't hear you.

  1. This is not to be confused with the notion that being a nobody means that you get left alone. While this may be true it is but a minor one in consideration of other matters. Perhaps one day I'll get to that but I doubt it. 

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