Adding a note to posts is being considered for those who are so inclined to further or enhance the relevant posting.

It's true, I may not always get the words 'right' for everyone and my humor may at times fail to make the appropriate connection. To possibly correct that I'm considering the idea of allowing reader supplements or additions to the articles on this website, of allowing those contributions which further or enhance the presentations made here.

I really don't like mixing up what is being presented here with other people's ideas and opinions because there's plenty of other opportunities on the Internet for someone to do just that - express themselves however they wish with whatever information that is most important to them using outlets which range from personal blogs to wholesale slaughter on forums and bulletin boards. I'm sure the reader is aware by now of the many games being played by those who have taken this to the 'professional' level.


I have no interest in self anything, from propagation, propitiation or infatuation. I have nothing to 'sell', no 'arguments' to convince anyone of anything, no statistics to glorify, not even an interest in expanding spheres of influence. That last one is hilarious.

I'm just a quiet person out on the fringes not really doing much of anything. With that in mind you should be able to get a clearer picture of just the kinds of relevancy that I would allow to be added to my postings. I'm not saying this to attract or deter, it just is. I'm not looking for agreement or disagreement as visitor's can do any and all of that elsewhere.

So if and when this happens don't be alarmed that your contribution never makes it to the light of day. I suspect that most will not. But for those occasional exceptional instances, I gladly accept.

Thank you.

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