Nothing to see here, move along...

Criminals. They're everywhere. From the pit of humanity to the upper echelons of a society gone mad, every nook and cranny whether in the 'light' or down the dark recesses of shadows in the land of smoke and mirrors. Yup, make no mistake they're everywhere.

How is it that I know? How is it that I can assure you that this is a society of nothing but criminals all begging and pleading to be the next don with which to live a life of luxury, compensation and sexual delights. Oh yes, it is a Man's world.

Let me relate to you the common and every-day circumstances within which the convicts roam, bumping to and fro in unison like some line dancing craze, blaring music and hypnotic dancing lights included. Oh what a night!

Let's take, for example this image of a school.

Perfectly normal you say. It's the same all over the country so what's the big deal? The 'pupils' stay safe, comfortable and even learn a thing or two by those who have demonstrated the proper 'standards', flying colors and all.

Do you see the fence of containment? How about those tiny windows with which the inmates can peer out into a world from which they have been excluded. There are even 'law enforcement' personnel employed to keep their version of 'law' and order in full check. Eyes are needed everywhere because criminals can't be trusted, especially those little tykes. Walk the line, eyes forward, do as I say not as I do. And don't get out of line or the whole 'classroom' will pay the price for your errant behavior. Conformity, uniformity and 'respect' for authority are key to keeping criminals docile and manageable.

Is this a way to treat the human spirit?

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