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Nothing to see here, move along... Criminals. They're everywhere. From the pit of humanity to the upper echelons of a society gone mad, every nook and cranny whether in the 'light' or down the dark recesses of shadows in the land of smoke and... 25 Apr 2016

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Comfortable? Can I get you anything? Some have called Earth a prison planet where the righteous have come to be contained, restrained and entrained. But there is another view of the apocalypse. Earth is a daddy-daycare where soft minds are... 03 Feb 2016

Motion In Commotion : Info

Man's foray into the great unknown is simply a lack of knowledge. The battle we fight is not for the so-called rights and privileges of being, but of our own conquest. When we overcome our selves we do not become anything in the process, we... 28 Jan 2008

The First Peoples Choice

Upon creating a planetary body designed for specific purposes and goals, certain particulars which describe that creation remain attached to it and therefore can be used, by those so wishing, to acquire knowledge on and about it. Consider the... 12 Oct 2006


Reaching toward the unknown, what stops you from achieving your splendor, other than yourself. Efforting is in the band of desire in which we all walk the walk of life. There is no escape from ourselves. The prison planet theory holds true in... 13 Sep 2000

Barriers Of Thought, To Freedom

From time to time we remind ourselves that our existence upon this earth is limited and the span of life short, but never do we forget the torturous route we have taken to get here in order to lay claim to that coveted title we call 'alive'.... 05 Sep 2000

Barriers To Freedom

There are always barriers, just as there are always those who are 'free'. What better way to gain freedom than to erect barriers along the way? Freedom exists so long as you create the barriers in which it survives. Once the barriers disappear,... 07 Aug 2000

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