The First Peoples Choice

Upon creating a planetary body designed for specific purposes and goals, certain particulars which describe that creation remain attached to it and therefore can be used, by those so wishing, to acquire knowledge on and about it. Consider the planetary body as a crystal ball with all of it's implications.

This planet, natively known as Earth, is as it is and in the condition that it is in, with purpose and meaning. This is not something strange and unusual since all life has purpose and being and this equally applies to all objects, thoughts, emotions - in other words, life contains the embodiment of purpose and meaning. This does not mean that we are all consciously aware of this. In fact, the majority weighs heavily in the opposite direction living life to it's fullest and completely and totally avoiding anything else. Such is the mark of ignorance, but this report is not about entering that realm, it is about the past, or historical revivification as it is sometimes known.

Many have come to call this planet a "prison planet", a planet where it's inhabitants are imprisoned through the use of force. Innocence or guilt are of no concern in much the same way that any prison carries out it's mission. Containment, not rehabilitation is of concern to those who take on the task of managing the herd. As a prison and one among many, Earth entertains particular "classes" of prisoners who are to serve out their time as adjudicated by those with bigger guns.

In it's establishment, Earth become fixated in time and space and therefore became regulated. As there are various agencies out among the stars who follow one ideology, many others follow different ones. In this complexity of opposition there also exists an organization which partakes none of what Man embraces and which comes to be called their own. In this embrace, Earth found origin but this does not mean that the organization mentioned seeks and attains an aloof position, quite the contrary.

So as to easily reference this organization it will be referred to as the Galactic Patrol, or GP, even though this nomenclature is not entirely correct for the purpose of this writing. Please do not confuse this name with any interpretations made by others. There are many views and opinions which deal with the subject of the GP and most likely they are all correct - for the authors viewpoint. This article is no different.

In it's formation, Earth was endowed with certain aspects of it's creators' nature. Among these are self deception, idolatry and narcissistic tendencies. These traits certainly live on in the nature of those who find themselves convicted and sentenced to a life of living on planet Earth. Of course not everyone shares these exact same attributes in the exact same fashion. There are no absolutes here so please do not make the mistake of assuming such at any time during the reading of this report.

At the time of construction the builders made it be known what Earth's purpose would be and the GP, according to it's own design, come to involve itself in this matter. The GP does not take sides even though it comes to involve itself in one of the other. The Galactic Patrol has such a fascinating and complex background that this report will not attempt it's description other than to clarify relating points.

According to the builders, this planetary prison would be but an extension of the existing system used by certain factions, governments and planetary bureaucracy to detain undesired elements of their society. Remember, the prison system is not concerned with justice, only constraint and restraint.

Although this stated purpose of detention extension was obviously shallow and thin, the GP found it to be a useable vehicle for future events. Future predictability and event manipulation is indeed a subset of the GP - which is highly regarded by the Grand Council and serves as one of it's endearing qualities to which the Grand Council defers. The GP is not officially entwined with the Grand Council in any way at all although certain parts of the GP are attached to it in varying degrees.

The Grand Council, or sometimes referred to as simply "The Council" is a political body governing much of the Universe within which Man stakes claim. Typically the ranking Council leader is appointed from among it's own ranks but there have been cases where non-governing individuals have been selected. The selection process is not by popular vote nor does it involve aristocracy. Ranking members of the Council are selected through the process of personal achievement and current requirements. As spiritual beings, it is recognized when greatness exists and is respected in complete disregard for physical limitations. This greatness is what defines the "Grand" in the Grand or "Great" Council. Once again, please note that the complex and fascinating background of the Great Council will not be attended to unless directly related to the task at hand.

As the builders of Earth were formulating their plan it was to be approved by the Grand Council which, through thorough convincing, did so. The task of creation was begun and during this initial process flora and fauna, as is usual, were contracted out to those whose speciality are unrivaled. These First Peoples were placed upon Earth and given the task of providing a self containing and whole ecosystem suitable for this solar system and also for following prison environmental guidelines which were altered for this specific locality.

The First Peoples ARE the first peoples and create the wonderful under-structure upon which all else takes root. This complex and intertwined system of life forces is not something one would leave to amateurs that is for sure. The life force of creativity remains enduring and although it may evolve in some aspects, it will forever remain unchanged. In this respect, one can quite easily see how it is today that native or "indigenous" peoples are mercilessly persecuted and devoured. But this is getting ahead of the story...

As Native Peoples, the First Peoples stake claim to the land upon which they find themselves. This claim is not a physical one. Make no mistake about it, these people are NOT part of the prison or the system within which it finds purpose and meaning. Similar to the GP, these peoples are not and do not involve themselves with the contentious nature of Man. But they do, whole heartedly, involve themselves in the spiritual life force connectivity of the all that is. Without this deep imbibing knowledge all that one would end up with on a new planetary body is scraps of a haphazard ecology on the brink of self destruction.

Typically, upon arrival on the new planetary body, the First Peoples would spend weeks and weeks of meditation, contemplation, prayer, rites, rituals and who knows what else in preparation. Just in preparation alone there goes an enormous amount of energy, devotion and spiritual connectivity which, if witnessed, is just simply amazing. All of todays indigenous rites and rituals, the sacredness and trust in the Earth are all an off-shoot of it's very grand and glorious beginnings.

Whenever the First Peoples come to town on a project, the first order of business is clearing a huge, huge area of space surrounding the planetary body. This clearing means everything - people, spacecraft, orbiting stations, satellites, everything. It all must go so as to create a living breathing natural space within which they can perform their magic. And if the departing construction crew happens to 'accidentally' leave anything behind, the First Peoples are like magnets in pointing out what and where and many times, who, must go.

It's been said that it's not the thing but the intention behind it which requires absence.

In this 'mysterious' atmosphere, First Peoples are given exclusivity. No one is allowed entry and of the stories which grow out of the strange and unusual circumstance when some idiot tries to make entry, it assures that none do.

Life force is something which the First Peoples excel at in endowing ecology with movement, purpose and being. In this relationship great respect is earned and well deserved.

The GP makes no distinction in Man's search for perfection, and so it comes as no surprise to understand that an agreement was reached whereby the First Peoples endowed certain qualities upon the planetary body which were not in the specifications, nor excluded by the same. In this grey area of creativity, the First Peoples are acknowledged and given due respect.

One of the stated lines of conduct within the Galactic Patrol is that no effort is undertaken unless and until there exists a multiplicity of purpose in it's conduct. There is never just one reason that the Galactic Patrol does anything. It is called Dynamic alignment and entails the responsibility of layers or levels of encompassing awareness of being. From the responsibility of our own individuality to the responsibility of the Great Maker, the totality of existence requires an awareness of being "in tune" wholly and completely on or in all of it's aspects or demonstrations. Within this sphere of knowledge the GP reigns supreme as an organizational body. This statement does not diminish nor exclude other organizational bodies whose existence is just as noteworthy.

In accordance with First Peoples policy of operation or rules of conduct, the GP was allowed to slightly adjust or tune certain aspects of the ecosystem so as to demonstrate no immediate apparentcies but to allow for future variations of so-called possible 'evolution'. Of course this is polite talk in saying that something was going to change later but there couldn't be mention of it. The GP relishes future possibilities because the future of Man contains it's salvation. The First Peoples understand this and so carried out the complexities of the inherent checks and balances of the ecosystem in order to facilitate GP's wishes.

Currently, planet Earth is looked upon as being out of phase or 'whacked' in it's ecology. Something is not quite right and the prison system can't seem to figure it out. Change is not a good thing to the prison system and while the environment was created to be dangerous to the inmates who are constantly manipulated to remain out of touch with it, this same unawareness has kicked back to the jailers who are taken aback by their own ignorance. Something is not right and they can't figure it out. The ecology is not behaving as it should and the First Peoples, who were forcibly positioned and propositioned to become part of the prison system, are of no help.

This ecological disturbance is not being discussed in relation to the inmate's blood lust upon the land.

The First Peoples have paid the price for their involvement in bringing a holistic approach to those who are empty and unfullfilled. Though this price was willingly taken upon themselves for the good of those who are to come, balance is but justice brought to bear.

The Galactic Patrol is not in the justice business but is in the balance business. Bringing balance to a situation requires knowledge, awareness and a deep abiding love for others. That embodiment IS the Galactic Patrol and despite how the organization's methods are viewed in the carrying out of it's duties, balance remains the pinnacle principal of it's existence.

Balance is being brought to bear on planet Earth. But this is not something new and interesting, on the contrary. This balance is something which has been ongoing for quite some time and involves much more than just this small isolated planet which is viewed as being tucked away in some far off corner of the Universe.

In creating an ecological system where life is allowed to interact with it's self as it needs, all benefits. This harmonious relationship exudes peace and radiates a serenity far, far out into space. On this planet this is not wished to be by those whose creation demands dominion over all. But even in this dominion there is peace to be wished upon it and sometimes that peace can arrive by means and methods quite unexpected by those who become it's target.

All happenings are balance brought to bear.

To understand this is to understand the nature of one's own being. To understand one's own being is to understand the nature of all beings. To understand the nature of all beings is to be in complete harmony with all. To be in complete harmony with all is to understand our place in the Universe and with All That Is.

To be on this planet is not a right for organized uprising against any and all takers. Being here does not give one an inherent right to vent and to rage against any and all that one sees as opposition. When one seeks to destroy, the effects are felt by all. We are all related whether we take that responsibility seriously or not. Those who follow us are doomed to live their lives on the field of combat which we have created for them. Is this what we wish for our children? We are all children of one another, is this how we are to show our kindness and love for one another, by leaping into a black hole of non-existence?

Life has brought us here and so here we are to do what life requires of us, not what we think we should be requiring of life but of what life requires from us. Inmates, by design, are required to act and perform their duties as prescribed and proscribed. Are we all to act as another feels the need to see us or do we act as is our rightful place in life?

If we are all prisoners then we have already secured a future where nothing but decay is acknowledged. A body may be the form but nothing can contain the spirit unless we so choose and there lies the truth of imprisonment.

It is not our physical surroundings which defines us but our own spiritual being. If life gives us conscription then the body will perform but the spirit remains unchanged. If life gives us riches and glory, then the body follows suit while the spirit remains unchanged. It is not the shell of a being which is the being, but merely a shadow on the wall of life having movement, depth and breath only because of our being.

The Galactic Patrol does not exist and this fairy tale is just that.

The First Peoples do not exist and perform no function.

The Great Grand Council is but imagination in action.

This prison planet called Earth has, in fact, no existence at all.

Despite our news and views on any and all subjects, life remains and continues unchanged. The bottom line becomes one of choice. Do you wish to follow in the footsteps of the chattel before you or do you wish to rediscover the glory of your own being, your own nature?

While the Warden slept and the inmates rested all hell was breaking loose about them and not a care was shown, not a speck of awareness moved toward the discovery of a reality which exists beyond the bounds and borders of a prison created and sustained by their own choice.

When we pull the wool over our own eyes and seek to discover our own vanity we will ultimately find it and react with undignified horror as we come face to face with the reality of our own choosing, our own creations. The right of choice does not mean becoming lazy by default and nurturing the conviction that the pursuit of pleasure is the only game worth playing.

The choice is in the choosing. After that comes accountability.

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