Movement In The Free Zone

It's true. As movement occurs things in this Universe just 'happen', at least that is the appearance for those who enjoy their own appearance to a much greater degree. Despite all that, it can be said that the Free Zone is no long a viable medium for message delivery. When no one hears, there comes to be served no purpose in enduring empty proposals of good wishes. These days, no longer is it customary to burn, crucify and stone those who shine a light on the path, but instead, they are merely ignored. Wholly and completely, and this is where we are today.

When one's ears hear only one's own voice, of what use is there to speak? Where there is no one to hear, there is nothing to be gained.

In the time honored tradition of being the fall guy, what happens when no one comes to stake a claim? Sheep running in the pasture, to and fro, does little but to keep the flame of ignorance alive. Free will includes the will to live, speak and die in ignorance.

In this time of fomenting madness, not until all seems lost and hopeless will a beckoning light shine once again. Not until madness comes to know of it's own insanity will reality dare to show it's face among the lost and lonely. Where there is not a cry for saving one's self from destruction, there will not be a reason for the conduit to appear.

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