What's That Smell?

Do you smell it? If one were to extend their senses and allow the intake of experience to make itself known, what would be the result? Upon the air of awareness there lies the fact that Darkness, that inherent factor to which so many either embrace or avoid at all costs, has chosen sides and in so doing has created a future where our own worst fears reach the light of day and fully express themselves in life and living. Death and destruction is upon the air and we are both it’s victim and it’s creator.

Darkness has moved upon the face of the Earth and rooted itself upon the symbolic. It now becomes apparent that the close of days has entered the era of popularity. Bowing to audiences across the globe there comes the sound of applause, of assistance and conviction. While insanity rules corpses litter the path to a glorious future which exists only in one’s imagination. The reality of one’s current existence upon the Earth is but a shallow thought expressed through a hope for one’s own salvation which, by the way, has long since left the building.

The quiet war has now become a noisy one.

Just because the modus operandi has changed, nothing has changed. Methods of madness continue unabated and the just and righteous among us, the “chosen” few, rooted in dementia, take their marching orders from a deep dark place within themselves. Cancer spreads it’s wings and flies unimpeded across the land and lands, leaving it’s mark as it so chooses.

There are few left alive with the moral fortitude to acknowledge the difference between fact and fiction. Living the good life, especially in the “Land of Opportunity” results in nothing but mind alteration, of coming to be ‘convinced’ that all who control must continue to do so in complete disregard to moral fiber. Perception becomes the reality and so through devoted means, perception comes to be whatever is wished. And so it is, and lived.

There will be no survivors. No preparation can be made, no expectation embraced. We are all on our own, utterly and completely.

If one has not yet undertaken the arduous and complex task of coming to terms with one’s own nature then at this point, in all probability, it is too late. Despite the fact that this adventurous route is in complete dichotomy to effort, appearances continue in jest. We are already slaves to Darkness when we move away from our own foundation, our own being.

One cannot attain conviction by opening oneself up to the bombardment of radio, television, political chatter, corporate marketing and the plethora of mind altering perception makers and breakers. Being prepared for any and all circumstances requires that one know one’s self. When we move away from our selves we move away from the God of our own making and create the existence of pain and suffering. In both cases, we are it.

Is it any wonder that religion becomes the domain of the state? In the state’s effort of survival it merely mimics our own destructive nature. Creating chains in the pursuit of freedom leaves us all destitute and dying. Freedom can never lie in the direction of containment for one cannot contain the spirit but only devote one’s time and energy to it’s understanding.

Understanding, in today’s world, requires neither moral fiber nor spiritual values but only marching to the tune of man, of “superior” men who, through divine or “popular” vote, must be allowed to express their greatness upon this and all lands. And so Darkness weaves it’s merry way ever onward.

The beauty of our own nature is not consumed in perpetuating a capitalistic myth based upon bodily comforts, or any other superficial ideology. Such shallowness belies the fact of our own greatness, of the greatness to which we owe our heritage, our right “to be”.

Have you not had enough of the stench of death?

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