This report entails various aspects of certain missions and undertakings.

The "church", by and large, is a product of those who have gone before. Presently, the dubious honor of Master of the Helm goes to Jonesy. Greetings and salutations to those who enjoy the good life, the party animals who have deeded themselves positions of honor. Is it any wonder that, since not all oars are in the water, progress becomes non-existent?

Before the turning of the tides it was made known that in all cases, case load would reach the point of incapacity. Flaccid, with little regard for truth, knowledge and it's sister insight, take a back seat to a driver gone mad, gone mad for desire. Lusting for glory, it runs full circle as the hunted become the hunter seeking retribution. The price for so-called 'freedom' comes with a heavy hand. In all matters of the Heart, there are no just rewards but only a completion, a balance sheet equation where all out-points are weighed, valued and aligned. In the end, the end always arrives.

Remember, Davey Jones?

As the Locker reveals it's treasure, so too do secrets unravel. Fighting to keep the treasure alive, effort mounts it's battle plan while time awaits.

We all know by now that time is nothing but a measurement to which the drum beats it's measure for good measure. As the body has no life, so too do our ideas of glory and fame. Empty and devoid of quality the cup remains just so - until purpose designs creation along with destruction at it's far reaches. Extending the hand to feed, it comes to be consumed.

While not all Men will bite the hand that feeds them, some do. Salivating with glee, the insane always meet their just demise. Such is the Spiritual Quest of immortality for the mortally deranged.

Are you paying attention?

It's become quite apparent that the so-called 'Sea Org' has lost it's shining beacon to which was fixated the mind's eye. In it's place, with deft skill, the results of interrogation were surmised and executed. Surety is never guaranteed. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on me. When it comes to playing chess, diving with Davey hardly compares.

You can kill the body, but the messenger remains. And sometimes, the messenger ensures and endures equilibrium. Whether by design or by default, it's not always how you play the game that counts. With achievement of victory playing comes to an end and is of little use other than Banking on what might have been.

Did you enjoy the fruits of diving for treasure?

Since not all is as it appears it can quite comfortably be said that when attention is directed it comes to be controlled. Does the mirror, which reflects and directs, control our thoughts, our actions? Without it we remain stark naked for all to see.

I see you.

The mirror of illusion may encompasses us all, but not all abide in it's arms. Knowledge comes not to those who seek it, but to those who demonstrate it's arrival. You must be OT to become OT.

Watch your back.

The smoldering embers are a sure sign that the party is coming to a close. The top-down management style requires that which is as above, appear below. The precipice calls. All that need be done is stumble out of bed - for the last time.

No, you can't take it with you...

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