Another Day Dream

It's a big Universe. A really, really big universe.

But that means very little when it comes to our own self revelation as anything and everything 'outside' of our selves means diddly squat. In view of that, there have been a few changes made to the web site so if any appearances seem out of place or mentally incomprehensible you will know why.

According to the server statistics most visitors who find their way here arrive via a Free Zone America reference. There is a fair amount of information floating about within the Internet regarding that reference but it becomes obvious fairly quickly that this web site goes well beyond the old boundaries and limitations. For those who wish to use that reference as a stepping stone the opportunity exists.

This web site does not maintain an Internet presence in order to further any goals or objectives. No need exists for the creation of a following, a group, an idealistic remedy for any cause (real or imagined) or anything else for that matter. The visitor may take what they will and make what they will of anything or everything. Good luck!

While perusing, take your time to reflect upon whatever you come across. Most people tend to find comfort in what they agree with but here, agreement will only get in the way of coming to understand who or what we really are. In this pursuit of nobility you are most welcome to leave any and all thoughts and ideas at the door and to make yourself at home with your self, your own true nature.

There is a shortcut to Spiritual Freedom which makes this web site and everything else superfluous. Perhaps the visitor will undertake this shortcut and end the search forever, right now. Here is the remedy: cease being NOT spiritually free. In order to seek for some thing, any thing, we must first deny it to ourselves. Then, because of a perceived lack, we endeavor to full-fill that 'emptiness' through acquisition. Do you see the point here? So stop chasing your self in order to find your self because you never will. You already are.

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